Black Ops 3: Gorod Krovi – The Complete Zombies Survival Guide


Bring down the dragon and uncover ever buried secret in Gorod Krovi with our huge list of Black Ops 3 guides, how-to’s and walkthroughs dedicated to the Descent DLC’s Zombies map.

Here you’ll find a complete database of everything published related to this mind-bending map and all the Easter eggs hidden within. There’s so much content, we wanted to make sure every zombie-hungry survivor didn’t miss out. Find it all, from trophy / achievement guides, to secret item how-to’s, to our massive (and totally complete) ‘Love and War’ Easter egg walkthrough.

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Gorod Krovi – The Complete Zombies Survival Guide

Gorod Krovi might just be the most dense map of the series so far. You’ll ride dragons (enhanced with flashy cutscenes) and summon fireballs from the sky. Then there’s the tiny dragon you can summon, or the heavy shield that spews green flames — that’s just a sampling of all the hidden content stuck in this insanely dense map.

Below, you’ll find links to each of our articles, along with a short explanation with all the reasons why you might want to check the full guide out.

How to Fly A Dragon & Pack-A-Punch

This is the first place you’ll want to visit if you’re new to Gorod Krovi. Here you’ll learn the basic steps to reach the Pack-A-Punch machine and fly the dragon.

Call of Duty®: Black Ops III_20160712000450

These are fairly simple steps, and almost anyone that plays Zombies, even casually, can reach this point of the map solo with enough practice. Riding the dragon to the Hatchery is the first step to a larger world in Gorod Krovi, and this is where you’ll get all the straightforward tips to get there.

Secret ‘Dead Ended’ Song Easter Egg

Every Zombies map features a hidden song, and Gorod Krovi is no different. This time you’ll get to listen to an original composition called ‘Dead Ended’ produced by a common group of vocalists and creators — they’ve appeared in previous Zombie mode Easter eggs. Think of this kind of like a reunion!

On this article, you’ll find locations for all three vodka bottles along with a gallery showing off the spots. Once all three are activated, you’ll get to listen to the secret song. Or you can listen in the embedded video above. Your call, comrade.

100% Achievements / Trophies Guide

For an overview of (almost) all the weird secrets in Gorod Krovi, the 100% Trophies / Achievements Guide is a great place to start. Here you’ll find detailed explanations on every secret piece of content with a challenge associated. Most of these tricky trophies are pretty advanced, but everyone can earn a couple with the advice found here.

Call of Duty®: Black Ops III_20160714162715

If anything, it’s a good way to check out all the new features. Solo challenges and time trials make an appearance, along with challenge boards that reward the players for completing strange tasks. Stuff like shooting burning zombies, or using the Guard of Fafnir Shield to kill enemies. Don’t know what the shield is all about? We’ve got an article all about that coming up next.

How to Get the Guard of Fafnir Shield

Buildables are never going away, and this map’s workbench work-of-art is the Guard of Fafnir. Instead of a weird gun, you get a body-sized riot shield made of mystical metal. It slows you down, but protects your face from all zombie harm — and it shoots deadly blasts of green flame.


To build it, you’ll need to collect three hidden pieces. These pieces appear all over the map, showing up in one of three randomized locations. That’s a lot of randomness, so browse through the gallery to get extra hints for trackinig down all three hunks of metal.

How to Wield the Gauntlet of Siegfried

One of the most complicated steps of the ‘Love and War’ main Easter egg is broken down for your sanity here on the Gauntlet of Siegfried guide. This special weapon is a wrist-mounted dragon that doubles as a flamethrower. It can also take flight, rewarding its user with a berserker punch that kills zombies in one hit.

Call of Duty®: Black Ops III_20160714162625

The mini-dragon pal is required to complete the main Easter egg and reach the final battle. This is an advanced unlockable item, and one most players probably won’t get a chance to see. Still, it’s fun learning all about secrets, right? If you’ve got the dedication, you can complete the map and earn the ending with the following guide on this list.

‘Love and War’ Full Easter Egg Guide

This is the big one. The mother of all secrets — explained and broken down in minute detail. ‘Love and War’ is the name of the Easter egg quest for Gorod Krovi, and it is a doozy. There are steps on top of steps, and puzzles that are so complicated to explain, we linked to community resources to make the solutions easier. There is a lot to learn, and attempting to reach the ending battle reveals almost every secret available in Gorod Krovi.

Call of Duty®: Black Ops III_20160713211629

Because not every is going to finish ‘Love and War’ we linked to a video showing off the ending for all of us without three extra insane friends. Spoiler Alert: Your team gets to fight a dragon boss, before fighting Nikolai and his rampaging mech. That’s two boss fights for the price of one, and an insane amount of content only a select few will ever get to experience. That’s all part of what makes Zombies so special.

Crush Bosses With Secret Helmet Buffs

Of course, the Easter egg doesn’t cover every extra secret. The last three articles on our list cover upgrade or unlockable items not required to solve the main Easter eggs. But, these items will make life so much easier they’re worth the extra effort.


By killing 20 Mangler Soldiers or Valkyria Drones, you can get your hands one of these secret masks in the Department Store. Both increase your damage output and give a defense boost — but you can only wear one of these items at a time. That goes for another hidden equipment; the dragon wings.

Take Flight With Unlockable Dragon Wings

The third equipment item in Gorod Krovi is the weirdest. Thankfully it isn’t so hard to get. After three dragon rides, this item appears on the third floor of the Department Store. Your character will sport massive wings on his back, soak up plenty of extra fire damage, and can fly around the map at will.

Call of Duty®: Black Ops III_20160712104944

That’s right — no more summoning dragons to reach the Pack-A-Punch. The trip is totally free too. All you have to do is interact with the new (tiny) dragon wings sticking out of the alarm lights near the dragon summoning pad. Then you’ll instantly appear in the Hatchery roof. Even riding the dragon costs no points. Not half bad, but not the last dragon-related upgrade available.

How to Get the Upgraded Dragon Strike

If you read about the Easter egg or the full trophy / achievement guide, you’ll be familiar with the Dragon Strike Controller. This unlockable special weapon allows you to call down dragon flame from the sky and murder loads of annoying zombies. Now you can get an even better version — the Dragonite Controller.

Call of Duty®: Black Ops III_20160713214700

This one features some pretty convoluted requirements. After killing tons of zombies with the Dragon Strike ability, you’ll need to burn one (or four) flags depending on the number of players in your game. Then it’s back to the Hatchery and initiating a Lockdown Event. That’s the basics, but we’ve got all the details in the complete guide linked above.

That covers everything for Gorod Krovi on Gameranx. If you think we missed something, or want to provide some extra tips of your own, let us know in the comments.