Black Ops 3: Gorod Krovi – How to Get the Guard of Fafnir Shield


Protect yourself from the zombies hordes of Gorod Krovi with the Guard of Fafnir Shield. This is one of the craftable Black Ops 3 DLC weapons, and good way to start any session of Zombies out on the right foot. The massive, mystical shield protects against forward-facing attacks, and gets its own green flamethrower to blast the undead back into their graves. Learn what it takes to earn the Guard of Fafnir with our quick guide.

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Guard of Fafnir Shield – Secret Weapon Guide

[UPDATED 7/15: Added locations gallery.]

The Shield parts are located in random locations in three separate areas. The parts will always remain in the same areas, but will swap locations randomly between sessions. Check these spots and look for large metal sigil pieces embedded in the wall or placed in corners.

Approaching a Shield piece will prompt you to interact and collect the part. There are three parts to collect:

  • Shield Part #1: Armory – Located above the Operations Bunker, the Armory hides one Shield part in the first or second floor. Often you’ll find it in the second floor room that leads to the Infirmary.
  • Shield Part #2: Infirmary – Can be reached through the Armory or the Dragon Command building street. Go to the Infirmary (follow the map above) and look in the first floor area with the dirt and debris. It is located here, on a wooden wall. This is the area that can be reached from the stairs up from the Operations Bunker. The upper floor of the Infirmary may also contain a shield part.
  • Shield Part #3: Operations Bunker – Look on the shelves or the walls of the basement laboratory to find the final piece. It should be glowing a faint orange. Often it will be located on the shelves on the opposite wall from the work bench. It may also appear on a truck on the streets between the Department Store and the Bunker.


Once you have all three pieces, take the parts to the Operations Bunker workbench. It’s a brightly lit wooden desk with blueprints pinned to the cork board hanging on the wall above.

Complete the build and grab the shield. It has two functions — a melee attack, and a fire attack. It will also protect you against any enemies attacking your front while you have it equipped. The shield will slow your movement speed when held.

To earn the “Blown Away” trophy / achievement, wait until an army of zombies are trying to bash through the shield, then fire to destroy 10 all at the same time. This is one of the easier weapons to construct, so get to it, trooper!

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