Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Zombies Mode Easter Eggs Guide

So you bought Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 and you already know about Jeff Goldblum's guest spot and how to unlock Dead Ops Arcade 2 (for the uninitiated, you can check out our guide here). What now? Well, Youtuber MrDalekJD is here to show you some less obvious goodies. 

The Giant: Fly Trap

The biggest easter egg from Der Riese is back. It helps to do this one once you've cleared all the zombies in a round except for one. You can then turn that straggler into a "crawler" by throwing a bomb in its direction and knocking its legs off. It'll be too slow to catch you unless you step on it.

Start with an upgraded weapon (just stick it in the Pack a Punch), aim down through the fence at :50 in the below guide and you’ll see a few green objects float through the air. These objects will guide you to certain points where you have to track down those items in this order: teleporter ZA (a monkey bomb), teleporter ZB (a teddy bear inside one of the water canisters), and the power switch (turn right and aim for the balconies in the distance where you’ll see something small and shiny). Then proceed to the furnace area where you will find a new weapon waiting for you: the Annihilator pistol.

Shadows of Evil: Pack a Punch / Rituals

When the game starts, enter Beast Mode (using the fountain with the purple flames). In the spawn room, smash open the box sitting on the back of the truck. Change back into human form and pick up a new item from that box: the Summoning Key. Next, open the first door and find the fountain with purple flames. Go into Beast Mode, shock open the electrical box to release another item: a pen. Grapple up to the staircase where you saw the Shadow Man and go into the lair. Shock the box up there, which will unblock a staircase. Become human again, grab the pen, and two zombies will appear. After you kill them, go back up to the unlocked staircase and enter the lair. Place the item on the table and then place the Summoning Key there. Ghost zombies will appear but don’t try to kill them; run around them until the ritual is complete.

You have to do this for each character to unlock their items. Since the rest of the process is quite detailed and involves traveling through multiple dimensions, watch the below playthrough guide to see exactly where each character’s item can be found. Once you walk through the dimension portal, you’ll complete another ritual that summons the Shadow Man who will unlock the Pack a Punch.

Shadows of Evil: Unlimited Beast Mode and Huge Worm

Since a few of the other Shadows of Evil easter eggs and the main quest require you to use Beast Mode, this one is going to be helpful. You can only use this one if you're playing with exactly four players. This one can be used when the rift opens and you capture the Shadow Man — the worm will spawn and leave the area, emitting purple gas. The below guide, which is a bit complicated, will show you how to get unlimited Beast Mode at this point.


Shadows of Evil: Round Skip

At the start of each game, you’ll see the Shadow Man watching you from the staircase. If you fire five shots at him once the first round starts, you can skip rounds 5, 10, and 15. You’ll get about 16,000 points but you’ll be taken directly to round 15 and will have little time to collect perks and upgrade your weapons before the zombie horde swarms you.

Shadows of Evil: Lighting Sword

First, you need to go into Beast Mode and solve a puzzle in the rift area. There is a wall that appears to have nine shapes on it, and one sequence of three is the correct one. The shapes that you need are on the map: just take the train to the Footlight District and look out the windows – certain buildings will have windows open that reveal two of the symbols. When you take the train back, you’ll see the third. Solve the puzzle and you’ll enter a shrine. Pick up the egg, go into Beast Mode, and put it into each of the four octopus statues. While the egg is in each statue, you need to kill ten zombies in the vicinity before removing it. If you go back to the rift area, you’ll be able to grab the sword.

Nuketown: Mannequin Zombies

Nuketown always has an easter egg and in Black Ops 3, it’s a Zombies-related one. You have to go through the map and shoot the heads off of each mannequin. Once you accomplish that, each mannequin turns into a zombie and chases you around the map. It’s pretty fantastic until they start punching you.