Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Achievement Guide

With tomorrow’s release of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, gameplay footage and reviews are surfacing. Now, PowerPyx has created a series of achievement guides to help you unlock all of the game's trophies.

Curator and Walking Encyclopedia Trophies (All Missions)

The first achievement guide shows you the location of all collectibles (helmets, weapons, and other random objects marked with an icon), which you need in order to earn the Curator trophy. There are 56 total collectibles and 11 missions. If you get all of them in one mission, you’ll get the Walking Encyclopedia trophy. The video’s description links to timestamps for each collectible. Missions 1 and 2 have five each; Missions 3-5, 7-8 and 10 have six each; Missions 6 and 11 have four each, and Mission 9 only has two.

Decimator Trophy (Mission 1)

To get this trophy, you need to kill ten enemies in less than three seconds. PowerPyx recommends attempting this achievement at the end of Mission 1, when you’re driving a truck with turret machines. There’s a point where numerous robots storm the truck and each one will die with only one shot from the turret, so shooting the entire group quickly should unlock the trophy.

Sting Like A Talon and Foe To Friend Trophies (Mission 2)

To get the Sting Like a Talon trophy, you have to kill 20 enemies while flying the same Talon. The Foe to Friend trophy is obtained by using an enemy combat robot to kill ten enemies. Both of these can be achieved in Mission 2. Your teammate will ask you to take control of a drone – pick the Talon and use it to kill the enemies in the next room.

Unlock Dead Ops Arcade 2 (Mission 2)

This isn't a trophy, but it's worth your while. One of the most fun Zombies maps in Black Ops was Dead Ops Arcade. Black Ops 3 brings us Dead Ops Arcade 2. To access this unique top-down arcade-style map, you need to beat Mission 2 in the campaign. After you do so, you’ll be able to enter the safehouse where you can find a big computer (the data terminal). Access the data terminal, press the secret button in the top left corner, and you’ll start up Dead Ops Arcade 2. After that it’s unlocked and you’ll be able to access it as a Zombies map.

Throwing Flak Trophy (Mission 2)

For this trophy, you just need to kill three Talons with one mid-air grenade detonation. The first opportunity to do so is Mission 2, while chasing down the suspect. Cook a frag grenade and throw it at the talons right before it detonates.

In Their Sleep Trophy (Mission 3)

According to PowerPyx, Mission 3 is an ideal one for the In Their Sleep trophy, which requires you to kill five stunned enemies in less than three seconds. Set the game to recruit difficulty and wait until five or more human enemies get close together. Throw a flashbang and kill them all as fast as possible. PowerPyx suggests using a machine gun or semi-automatic shotgun at close range.

Hold Still! Trophy (Mission 4)

The Hold Still! trophy can be unlocked by killing six enemies that have been affected by Blinding Swarm or Firefly Swarm (part of the Chaos skill tree). Unleash the swarm near a group of human enemies and kill them while they are stunned. PowerPyx recommends Mission 4, when you arrive at a mobile armory and see people running down the stairs. Don’t kill them – kill the enemies standing close by in a large group.

Rolling Heavy Trophy (Mission 4)

For this trophy, you have to kill five enemies at once using Unstoppable Force. You can upgrade the Overwhelming Force ability (Martial skill tree) in the safehouse. PowerPyx recommends a point in Mission 4, a few minutes into the mission, when you arrive at a little village. You can use Unstoppable Force on the group of robots that arrives after you kill the first enemies.

Biff! Bap! KaPow! Trophy (Mission 7)

The Biff! Bap! KaPow! trophy requires you to kill three enemies in a melee combo. PowerPyx recommends targeting the first three enemies in Mission 7. Before you can attempt to get the trophy, you need to upgrade the Takedown ability (Martial skill tree) to Rapid Strike, otherwise you won’t be able to do the combo.

Maximum Firepower Trophy (Mission 7)

In order to get Maximum Firepower, you have to take control of an ASP. Go to the safehouse and buy Remote Hijack (Control Core skill tree). PowerPyx recommends the end of Mission 7 as an ideal time to do attempt this achievement. You will fight the ASP robots. Target the smaller ASP that comes after the first robot and use Remote Hijack to hack it.