Black Ops 3: Gorod Krovi – Take Flight With Unlockable Dragon Wings


Skip the cutscenes and teleport directly to the Pack-a-Punch machine without spending points with this third unlockable item hidden in Gorod Krovi. Similar to the Mangler Mask, this item appears on a mannequin after completing some specific tasks. Learn all about this extra in the Descent DLC zombie map for Black Ops 3 with the complete guide below.

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Take Flight With Unlockable Dragon Wings

The dragon wings are a bonus equipment item, like the Mangler Helmet and Valkyrie Helmet — it provides a damage resistance bonus, and can help you travel faster.

  • Dragon Wings
    • 30% explosive damage resistance
    • 30% fire damage resistance

How to travel faster? Once you have the Dragon Wings equipped, look on the metal emergency light poles near the dragon summoning console at each of the three Groph Module locations — Dragon Command, Supply Depot, and Tank Factory.

The wings should be very easy to spot. Looking at the wings reveals an interaction option; using it teleports you directly to the Hatchery / Pack-a-Punch Bunker. No more waiting for the dragon to show-up and settle down. No more spending points to travel — even riding the dragon is now completely free.

How to Unlock Dragon Wings

To get the wings, you’ll first need to unlock the dragon and reach the Pack-a-Punch bunker. This can be done solo, and it isn’t too complicated. Here’s a simple list of steps.

Call of Duty®: Black Ops III_20160712000450

The Dragon Network Console is located in the Operations Bunker. 

  • Turn on the Power in Dragon Command
  • Collect the Code Cylinders dropped from Zombies in certain areas. There are three:
    • Dragon Command
    • Supply Depot
    • Tank Factory
  • Insert the Code Cylinders into the corresponding Groph Module terminals.
  • Look in the sky for a green waypoint light. Follow it and defend the Groph Module.
  • Collect the Dragon Network pieces from all three defended Groph Modules.
  • Insert the pieces into the Dragon Network Console near the workbench in the Operations Bunker.
  • Activate the console near the ‘U’-shaped catwalks in Dragon Command to summon a dragon.

These are just the preliminary steps. To actually unlock the Dragon Wings, all you have to do is…

  • Travel to the Hatchery / Pack-a-Punch Bunker from all three Dragon locations.
    • Dragon Command
    • Supply Depot
    • Tank Factory

Each of these three locations features a catwalk and a Dragon Summoning console. It costs 500 points to summon the dragon — ride it to the Hatchery, then return after activating the generator / charging it to open the exit chute and ride the sewer back to the main area.

Call of Duty®: Black Ops III_20160714162625

Activate the summoning terminal located here in Dragon Command.

Ride the dragon from all three locations and the Dragon Wings will be unlocked. To actually equip them, travel up to the third floor of the Department Store and look on the wall to the left of the stairs from Department Store Floor 2. There’s a female mannequin in a dress facing the wall that should now be sporting a giant pair of dragon wings.

Just like the Valkyrie Helmet or the Mangler Mask, you can equip this item — only one of these upgrade items can be equipped at any given time.

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