Black Ops 3: Revelations – Here’s How to Turn on the Power


Bring on the power and complete the very first step into a larger Easter egg journey with our quickie guide for Black Ops 3: Revelations.

In the final zombies map for 2016, you’ll find that the formula has been altered slightly. Instead of reactivating power from a central generator, you’ll have to find and override four Corruption Engines. These magical conduits are well-guarded, so take some time to learn all about this important activity with all the steps (and screenshots) below.

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How to Turn on the Power

Power isn’t activated with a generator in Revelations. Instead, you’ll have to locate the Corruption Engine on each “island” zone. There are four of these Corruption Engines to locate, and successfully “overriding” an engine will provide power, but only to the local “island” zone.

To successfully return power to the entire map, you’ll have to override all four Corruption Engines.

Note: Activating a Corruption Engine costs 500 points.


  • Corruption Engine Locations:
    • Spawn Area
    • Verruckt
    • Mob of the Dead (Connected to Origins)
    • Der Eisendrache (Between Kino der Toten & Shangri La)

In total, restoring power for the entire map will cost 2000 points. Restoring power is also the first step for freeing the trapped Pack-a-Punch machine inside the Apothicon.

Overriding a Corruption Engine begins a special swarm event. Zombies, demons, and flying acolytes will swarm into the engine’s circle arena while the rest of the map is doused in poison gas. Be prepared before attempting to activate an engine, and each successive engine you override will spawn tougher waves of enemies.

Look near the jump-pads to find special “maps” — you’ll see that there are four major islands you can jump to, each placed in one of the cardinal directions. There are other areas featured on the map, but don’t worry about those spots. Not yet, anyway.