Black Ops 3: Revelations – Hear All the Easter Egg Songs With This Radio


Take a lyrical trip to the past in Revelations with a hidden radio that plays tons of old Easter egg songs from the long and storied history of Call of Duty’s Zombies mode. All you have to do is hit four buttons and start shooting the new radio to swap songs. Get all the locations below.

Instead of hearing a new song, this secret radio plays music from all the old maps. Black Ops 1, Black Ops 2, World At War, and even more songs make an appearance — and unsurprisingly, this radio is found in the Nacht Der Untoten house — where the Zombies mode first started. The radio itself also appeared in the very first map, playing music for weary survivors. Now it’s back, and you can swap soundtracks with a single bullet. Here are all the details.

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Easter Egg Songs Radio Guide

To unlock the Easter Egg songs radio, you’ll first need to reach the Nacht Der Untoten area of the map. Inside the bunker, you’ll then need to quickly find and press four hidden buttons. These buttons are timed and do not have prompts, so you’ll have to move fast.

  • How to Enter Nacht Der Untoten: Override any of the four Corruption Engines found on each island of the map. This opens a portal in the energy pylon ruins, taking you directly to Nacht Der Untoten. It costs 500 points to override an Engine and initiates a special enemy wave, so be prepared.

When all four buttons have been pressed, you’ll hear a chime. A WW2-era radio will appear in the Tombstone challenge room next to the Weapon Swap Table.

Old Easter egg songs play from the radio — to switch songs, just shoot the radio! Not too tough, right? Here are the specifics.

Button Locations:

Note: All buttons are found in the Nacht Der Untoten area.

  • Button #1: Found in the dark corner to the right of the Der Eisendrache portal. If you’re entering through Der Eisendrache, turn left to find the button.
  • Button #2: Go upstairs and find the button in the dark corner in the Apothicon electricity-terminal room. To the right, just as you enter, look on the wall next to the pile of crates near the floating debris-blocked steps that lead into the Apothicon after it is captured.
  • Button #3: At the top of the stairs connected to the Tombstone Challenge room. This one is under a bright light, making it much easier to spot.
  • Button #4: Bottom level in the room with the spiral-stairs. Go to the center room from the Tombstone room and turn right. Next to the gnarled metal beams and nailed-up wood, there’s a section of cracked wall in the corner with this final button. If entering through the Spawn Area (The House) portal, turn directly left.

Press all the buttons to hear a special chime. This indicates that the Easter egg radio is now active. Go to the Weapon Switch Table (across the room from the tombstones) and shoot the WW2 radio to start playing some songs.

There’s a huge variety of songs — Zombies fanatics will have to list them all for us, but until then, enjoy a wide variety of past music with this awesome little Easter egg.

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