Black Ops 3: Revelations – Unlock the Weapon Switch Table & Tommy Gun


Revelations doesn’t just feature the return of a popular WW2-era standby, but it also includes a whole new feature — what fans are calling the “Weapon Switch Table”.

Using this seemingly nondescript table, players can ‘store’ a weapon than can be retrieved later or collected by a teammate. Learn all about the table, the Tommy Gun, and all the chalk-encrusted steps you’ll have to take to unlock both with the Easter egg guide below.

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How to Unlock the Weapon Switch Table & Tommy Gun

Found in the Nacht Der Untoten section of the map, there is a special wooden table that allows you to swap weapons to other players. There’s also a wall-buy marker for the powerful M1927 Tommy Gun; this one found in the ancient pyramid chamber of Der Eisendrache. To unlock both of these useful upgrades, you’ll need to follow some specific steps.

First, here’s how the Weapon Switch Table works — you place a weapon on the table for storage, and anyone else in your team can collect that weapon. If they already have a weapon in their hands, you’ll switch your equipped weapon with the one present on the Weapon Switch Table. Find it in the room with the trial tombstones.

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Pretty simple, right? Here are all the details to earn these for yourself.

How to Reach Nacht Der Untoten: If you don’t already know, you’ll have to Override a Corruption Engine to access the Nacht der Untoten section of the map. It costs 500 points to begin the override sequence. During that time, you’ll have to fight off swarms of incoming zombies and monsters. Stay alive and a teleportation portal will open in the nearby ruin doorway.

Step #1: Activate Low-Gravity

This should be familiar to anyone that tried the Der Eisendrache Easter egg. Travel to the Der Eisendrache section of the map, found between Kino der Toten and Shangri-La — it looks like a strange underground ruin, and is connected to one of the four Corruption Engines.

Go to the small pyramid in the center of the chamber and search for pressure plates. Stand on each for a short amount of time to activate them. Once all are light-up (and after you hear a metallic clink) Low-Gravity will activate. The pressure plates are square stones that light up when you stand on them.

This step can be tricky. If you’re playing with friends, use allies to kill zombies while one player waits on each of the four pressure plates. Make sure they’re safe while they’re standing still!

Step #2: Collect the Pink Chalk

The Pink Chalk is a special item you can collect inside the Pyramid room of Der Eisendrache. It is always in the same place, and never randomly spawns in different spots like the build-ables. Once the anti-gravity is active, you can get this piece.

  • Pink Chalk Location: Face away from the pyramid and toward the island interior (toward both of the metal gate entrances, away from the Corruption Engine) and enter the left-hand corridor. Inside the corridor, look on the right-hand wall for the Pink Chalk. The chalk is located on top of a pillar carved into the right wall.

Hold Reload to interact and collect the Pink Chalk. Now you’ll need to find those conspicuous chalk writings located all over the map and scribble over the words with your new toy.

Step #3: Replace the Chalk Writings

All over Revelations, you might’ve noticed strange white chalk messages marked-up on certain walls. Once you’ve got the Pink Chalk, it’s time to finally interact with those writings. Go to the following locations to find the quotes and stamp them out.

  • Chalk #1: Der Eisendrache (“Wish Too Often And Your Wishing Well Will Run”) – Marked in the Pyramid chamber.
  • Chalk #2: Verruckt (“Ascend From Darkness”) – On the floor in the Corruption Engine area.
  • Chalk #3: Nacht der Untoten (“Salvation Lies Above”) – Scribbled near the spiral stairs leading up to the second floor.
  • Chalk #4: Kino der Toten (“A Soul Alone Can Follow The Path”) – Place on the wall next to the “Help” room stairs.
  • Chalk #5: Kino der Toten (“Knowledge Itself Is For The Taking”) – Interact behind the teleportation device, on a section of white wall above a switch.

If you place / replace all the chalk writings in this order, you’ll here a sound effect chime. Now you can freely access the Der Eisendrache Tommy Gun wall-buy weapon and use the Nacht Der Untoten Weapon Switch Table.

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