Pokemon Go Coming to Apple Watch


During the Apple conference, Nintendo had it’s fair share of the spotlight during the presentation. Alongside the reveal of Super Mario Run, they also announced Pokemon Go is headed to Apple Watch devices. It seemed inevitable that a smashing success application for iOS and Android phones, that was downloaded over 500 million times, would get a companion program for other products. You’ll still need to use your phone to play the game, this isn’t a standalone app.


The application will take on the role of helping players be notified about game specifics. If you wanted to know how many experience points needed to get to the next level, how many steps you need to hatch an egg, or other fitness information, the Pokemon Go watch app is there to help. But moreover, you’ll be able to see when a Pokemon appears or when you’re near a pokestop without having to look at your phone.

The Pokemon Go watch app is set to launch sometime this year.