Nintendo Delays Animal Crossing & Fire Emblem Mobile Games


Nintendo has been breaking into the smartphone mobile market lately with the release of Miitomo. In the past, the company has revealed their interest in bringing over other franchises into the smartphone mobile market with Animal Crossing along with Fire Emblem both receiving an installment for iOS and Android. Unfortunately, it seems that those two video games have been delayed.

Originally, Nintendo had intended in releasing both Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem before the end of this year, but according to Polygon, a press release was sent out by Nintendo confirming that both mobile titles have been delayed until March of 2017.

This also comes in conjunction with a recent and unexpected appearance of Shigeru Miyamoto during Apple’s latest iPhone event. Nintendo will be releasing Super Mario Run for the mobile phone platform, where it will likely be released on Apple iPhone first, with Android likely to follow shortly after.

We’re interested in seeing if this upcoming Super Mario Run is included as one of the five mobile games that were planned originally from Nintendo. Regardless, if you’re hoping to download and enjoy Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem while on the go, you’ll have to wait just a bit longer.

In the meantime, take a look at the game gallery of Nintendo’s upcoming Super Mario Go which is expected to launch on iOS this Holiday season.