Black Ops 3: Revelations – Enter an Apothicon & Unlock the Pack-A-Punch

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Unlock the power of the Pack-A-Punch in Revelations, the last Zombies map for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. Like Gorod Krovi or Shadows of Evil, you’ll need to find four special devices and complete rituals for each to summon the entrance to the Pack-A-Punch machine’s resting place. This time, the Pack-a-Punch is stuck inside a massive demonic beast. Its your job to get inside.

Sounds tough? It isn’t so bad once you know what to do in this twisty trip down memory lane. Revelations brings back chunks of previous maps, letting you relive all those special moments as you dodge and blast hordes of endless zombies. The original map, Nacht Der Untoten, makes an important appearance while other old maps like Shangri-La, Origins, Verruckt and Mob of the Dead are represented on scrambled islands in space. There’s a lot to navigate, so check out the simple guide below for a straight-forward explanation on how to reach the Pack-A-Punch.

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Pack-A-Punch Guide

As you enter the map, you’ll watch as the massive Apothicon steals your Pack-A-Punch machine. Here’s how to get it back.

Step #1: Override the Corruption Engines

There are four Corruption Engines located in each of the zones separated by jump pads. The altars are pretty easy to spot — look for a skull altar in a stone circle with four stone columns and a massive blue-energy pylon.

Reactivating a Corruption Engine will also start the power for that particular zone — you’ll have to start the power in each of the four separate island locations.

Note: Activating a Corruption Engine costs 500 points.


  • Corruption Engine Locations:
    • Spawn Area
    • Verruckt
    • Mob of the Dead (Connected to Origins)
    • Der Eisendrache (Between Kino der Toten & Shangri La)

Starting a Corruption Engine will summon swarms of enemies — zombies, demons, and acolytes pour into the small combat area. Everything outside the ruin will become bathed in deadly gas. Fight off the swarm and complete the event.

Step #2: Return to Nacht Der Untoten

Call of Duty®: Black Ops III_20160906150154
The Nacht Der Untoten terminal, located on the second floor.

After activating each Corruption Engine, a portal will open in the nearby ruin that leads back to Nacht Der Untoten. Follow the red glowing light upstairs to a large terminal — the lights display which zones have power, and how many more Corruption Engines you’ll need to activate.

Each connected (red line) Corruption Engine lights up one bar on the Nacht Der Untoten terminal. Make sure all the lights are activated and you’re ready to capture the Apothicon.

Wait for the Apothicon to pass in front of the terminal, then activate it to shock the giant monster. We’re almost there!

Step #3: Enter the Apothicon & Free the Pack-A-Punch

While the Apothicon is trapped, look for a path to the side of the terminal. You’ll get sucked into the Apothicon — now you’ll get to explore the insides of one of these giant, universe-destroying monsters.

Rush to the back of the chamber to find its pulsating yellow heart. Look for the yellow veins that connect the “heart” to the rest of the monster’s insides. Blast all three tubes until they burst.

Once all three tubes have burst, the Pack-A-Punch will drop down, allowing your team to access powered-up weaponry. Pretty tough, but this is always one of the first steps toward solving the map’s massive Easter egg.

Achievement / Trophy Unlocked:

  • Pack-A-Punch-ectomy
    • In Revelations, recover the Pack-A-Punch machine from its abductor.

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