Kojima Talks Death Stranding, Something is Stranded “In Our World”

death_stranding_logoKojima has provided a few more details about his upcoming title, Death Stranding.  Kojima has always had a unique method of how he has disclosed details about his games.

In the case of Death Stranding, “something from another world [is] stranding in our world,” which means an alien of sorts. The details are all very ambiguous, and it could be suggested that the alien is Norman Reedus’ character.

Interestingly enough, the equation on his dog tags possibly refer to the Schwarzchild radius, it’s been speculated that he was stranded on the beach via a black hole.

Kojima has said that the logo for the game appears to have “dripping liquid” running off the letters, but these are actually cords.

“Strand, the word in psychological terms, means twisted threads and bonds,” said Kojima through a translator, via GamesRadar.”And this title, the theme is to connect. “This is stranding. In Death Stranding there is story game and world view; it’s all connected by strand.”

“The genre is action and it’s an open world with a degree of freedom, and you can enjoy the story at the same time and there are some online elements,” said Kojima.

Kojima’s explanation is enigmatic and not much is known for certain about this game.

Death Stranding is in development for PC and PS4.