Pokemon GO: Use This Trick To Safely Escape Gym Battles


Now that Revives are a rare commodity in Pokemon GO, it’s more important than ever to keep your Pokemon from fainting in gym battles.

With that in mind, the GO community has put their mind together and figured out a¬†simple strategy to escape gyms — in the event the following Pokemon battle is way outside your CP level. If you’re going to get crushed in combat and need to escape after defeating one lower-level Pokemon, but before the next Pokemon in the ladder appears, then we’ve got a strategy you might want to try.

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Gym Battles | Fast Escape Trick

In a gym, defending Pokemon appear in a series of battles — you can escape any time you want, but getting away between fights can be tricky. Right as the next Pokemon appears, it’ll attack you. Most of the time, you’re going to take damage before escaping.

  • Don’t want to deal with that? Here’s what we do. Just after delivering the finishing blow to a Pokemon, immediately tap Escape. A pop-up message will appear — wait until the next Pokemon has fully appeared, then immediately tap “OK” to escape, just as the battle-start “GO!” sound effect plays in the background.

That way, you’ll always escape a gym battle before taking an attack. This is especially useful if you’re using special strategies like keeping your Pokemon awake with Bubble. Basically, if you’re using a weaker Pokemon to wipe-out the lower-CP Pokemon in the ladder, you won’t have to worry about the more powerful Pokemon one-shotting you.

  • Step-by-Step:
    1. Tap to attack & defeat your Pokemon opponent.
      • Make sure you defeat your current opponent or it won’t count!
    2. Tap ESCAPE
      • The ESCAPE confirmation window will then pop-up. Don’t press anything yet.
    3. The next Pokemon opponent will appear.
      • The app will make a “GO!” sound-effect to announce when the battle will start.
    4. Tap OKAY on the pop-up menu.

That’s everything you need to know for a smooth gym escape.

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