An Undiscovered Gears of War 3 Easter Egg Emerges Years Later

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Because Gears of War 3 didn’t have enough Easter eggs already, one seemingly undiscovered secret has finally emerged years after we’ve all moved on. This cool little secret drops Marcus Fenix (and pals) into a duck hunt minigame following a bit of target shooting. It’s worth checking out if you’ve still got your spare copy lying around — don’t forget that all three major entries into the Gears of War series are backwards compatible on Xbox One.

This particular Easter egg was discovered by Gears of War superfan on the GoW TacCom Youtube Channel. If you’re interested in even more hidden stuff, check out his channel and be on the lookout for more cool stuff in Gears of War 4.

Locust Skeet Shooting Easter Egg
  • Easter Egg Location: Act 2 – Chapter 2 – House of Sand

Outside the map while travelling along the canyon cliff path, look for trees — there are coins hidden in those trees. When shot in a very particular order, you’ll be transported to a shooting range. That’s a whole new area of the map.

  • Coin #1: While travelling down the canyon path, look to the left for a gnarled tree in the background. The coin is hidden in the shadows. Use a Sniper Rifle to spot it, and try turning up your brightness, it’s the toughest coin to spot.
  • Coin #2: Continue down and across the split path in the small arena where enemies will appear. Skip the waist-high stones to find another tree on the far right as you move up the hill. This one you won’t miss. It’s right straight ahead. Zoom in to the gnarled tree across the canyon and shoot the coin. There are two sets of ladders nearby.
  • Coin #3: Climb the two ladders and pass the Locust catapult. You’ll get an intro cutscene of Locust soldiers appearing down the right-hand path. Kill (most) of the Locust with the catapult, but save one for last. The coin is on the BACK of the large tree in the center of the narrow battlefield. Don’t kill the last Locust before shooting the coin!

That’s all the coins. Now as you progress, you’ll spot a large circle of light. Step right up, partner.

Walk into the light and you’ll appear inside a shooting range with a turret placed at the center for your convenience. Hop onto the turret and start blasting Locust as they pop out of the ground. It’s almost like a bloody game of wack-a-mole.

And what do you get for completing it? A bunch of free weapons and a trip back to the main level. It’s crazy to think fans haven’t found all the Easter eggs out there in Gears of War 3, and Gears of War 4 promises a return with plenty more weird secret stuff.

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