Deus Ex: Mankind Divided – Triangle Codes Collectibles Guide


Complete your triangle collection with our quick guide, showing locations for all 35 hidden codes in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. These unique collectibles are related to your Square-Enix account, and can even be scanned with your phone — just like a weird, non-square QR code. They’re pretty tricky to find too, usually hidden along with Praxis Kits or other super-secret gear you’ll want to get your grubby augmented hands on.

Triangle Codes and eBooks seem to be the focus of collectible hunting in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, so if you’re looking to (mostly) 100% your search, those two types are what you’ll want to focus on. Whenever you reach an important location or a locked CEO office, it’s always wise to be on the lookout for these triangles — they tend to appear in plot-important spots!

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Triangle Codes Collectibles Guide

Triangle Codes are special collectibles that can be scanned for rewards. There are a total of 35 triangle codes hidden in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, and they tend to be pretty tricky to locate. Praxis Kits are the rarest items, but Triangle Codes are just one tier below.

You can track how many Triangle Codes you’ve unlocked in the character menu. Scroll to the collectibles tab to find the row containing triangle code pieces.


  • Triangle Code #1: Right at the start of the game, you’ll land on the hotel rooftop. Drop down and turn around to face a large vent with an inactive fan. Open the hatch and crawl inside to get the first code.
  • Triangle Code #2: Take the elevator down into the (very dusty) combat area at the end of the mission. Move toward Singh and stick to the right-side of the arena. Go all the way to the back-right corner to find a large dumpster with a ladder attached. Jump inside to find the triangle code.

Southern Prague

  • Triangle Code #7: Konicky & Hracky – Reach Epstein’s apartment after bypassed the security in the abandoned toy factory. Once inside, use the enhanced strength aug to move the refrigerator near the balcony door. The code is hidden underneath.
  • Triangle Code #12: Zelen Apartments – Arriving in Adam Jensen’s apartment, you’ll need to unlock the enhanced strength augment to pick-up large object. Once you have that upgrade, lift the refridgerator to discover this hidden code.
  • Triangle Code #13: Zelen Apartments – Also in Adam Jensen’s apartment, look near his bed for a secret stash unuder the floor board. There’s an eBook and other items, along with a triangle code.
  • Triangle Code #14: Time Machine – In Koller’s underground workshop, turn right as you enter and interact with a painting to reveal a hidden vent. It leads into a room with poison gas. Turn the valve to shut off the gas and hack the safe (you might need a Multitool) to find a Praxis Kit and a code.
  • Triangle Code #8: Police Checkpoint – Climb onto the rooftops above the false Police Checkpoint and reach the upper level apartment.
  • Triangle Code #17: Church of the Machine God – This area is available in the quest “Confront the Bomb-maker” or during your third visit to Prague. From the Courtyard, move the crates blocking the path to a maintenance closet on the right. Hack inside and look on the shelves to the right inside the storage room.
  • Triangle Code #18: Church of the Machine God – Go to Apartment 96 on the top floor and high-jump or dash into the upper level attic through the removed ceiling. There’s a single cardboard box on a octagon shaped pillar — remove the box to reveal this triangle.

Ruzika Station

  • Triangle Code #11: Main Hall – Climb up onto the walkways above the cafe. There’s an alcove on the stone ledge (use smart vision to locate) containing this area’s only code. To reach it, use the catwalk ladders located in front of the room adjacent to the cafe in the back-left corner of the Main Hall.

Northern Prague

  • Triangle Code #3: Red Light District – In the alley south of the Irish Stool, jump up into the upper level apartment and look on the bookshelf. Remove the filer boxes to reveal a hidden code.
  • Triangle Code #4: Pilgrim Station – Enter the Restricted Area of Pilgrim Station and find the security room. To the right of the entrance door, jump onto the lockers and look on an open box sitting on top.
  • Triangle Code #5: Palisade Station – Found in the maintenance room through the locked door in the subway terminal. Hack the terminal or jump into the rafters and use the vent to enter this room. The code is on the metal shelves on the right.
  • Triangle Code #6: Tourist Center – Explore the abandoned Tourist Center near Monument Station, and reach the lower level through the elevator shaft. Exiting the shaft, enter the City Tour office directly opposite and check the back-right corner. Jump onto the painting on the desk and look right to spot the code in a turned-over open box.
  • Triangle Code #15: Otar’s Casino – Found in the underground Duvali casino located in the sewers of Palisade. The code is found in the vents attached to the second floor security office, right behind the security hub desk.
  • Triangle Code #9: TF29 HQ – Hack the safe found in the Infirmary’s medical storage room. The safe code is 4822.
  • Triangle Code #10: TF29 HQ – After using the NSN in Miller’s office, you’ll enter a virtual world where Jensen must track down multiple data nodes. Hack the first Data Tower and enter the main chamber. Follow the steps down and right, and continue down the next steps to find blocks. Hack the blocks and climb into the vent — drop into the room and look on the floor straight ahead to get this area’s code.
  • Triangle Code #20: Palisade Bank – Break into the Office floor and enter the CEO’s office. There’s a hidden lightbox puzzle — solve it (raise, turn, raise, turn, turn, raise) to enter a secret room. Hack the safe behind a painting to discover a code and a Praxis Kit.
  • Triangle Code #19: Palisade Bank – Enter the Palisade Bank Executive Vault (later in the game, a main mission will allow you to access the Executive Vault) and open the Picus Vault. The Picus keycard is located in Apartment 94 in Libuse Apartments.
  • Triangle Code #16: TF29 Helipad – Go to Chikane’s workshop and hack to enter his underground living quarters. Interact with the picture near his bed to discover a secret button. Press the button to reveal a room — crack open the safe in this room to get a triangle code.
  • Triangle Code #23: L.I.M.B. Clinic – Jump to the large concrete arch near the clinic entrance and use the attached vent to enter. This leads into a storage area — find the code on top of two stacked-up boxes.
  • Triangle Code #21: Libuse Apartments – Check out apartment 96. Go to the restroom and jump into the vent attached to the ceiling. The vent leads to a locked room with a secure computer. Underneath the desk, there’s an open box with a cardboard box inside it — get rid of the cardboard box to find a hidden triangle code.
  • Triangle Code #22: 33 Hlvani Apartments – Explore apartment 203, which is Miller’s apartment, and hit the punching bag on the second floor to reveal a hidden office. The code is found on the lower shelf to the left of the door.
  • Triangle Code #24: Dvali Theater – Reach the catwalks above the main stage area. This is Level 5 on your map. On the catwalks, look for a spool of wire near a lamp — the triangle code is on that spool.
  • Triangle Code #25: Dvali Theater – Enter Radich’s office (labeled Manager’s Office on your map) in the theater basement. Use the hidden button under the desk to reveal a secret safe. Hack or multitool the terminal to open the safe. It contains a triangle code and a Praxis Kit.

Golem City

  • Triangle Code #26: Marketplace – Past the exit elevator in the center of the market, move right and take the stairs up one floor. On the landing you’ll find a housing unit marked “150252” — the code is on the right near the open box filled with books. This is found above Entity’s Shop, in the Mir Flats area.
  • Triangle Code #27: Talos Rucker’s Office – Complete the debate with Talos Rucker. If it is completed peacefully, you can enter Talos’ hidden office. Find the safe inside his office and hack it to locate a code. To successfully complete the debate, choose these options; Turn Tables, Patronize, Justify, Turn Tables.


  • Triangle Code #28: Connector Hallway – In the passage that links Hangar 1 to Hangar 2, look on the left for a metal cart with a shut-off computer and an open blue-hued laptop. The code is found on the shelf one step down from the top.
  • Triangle Code #29: Hangar 1 – Reach the office on Level 3 in the back-left corner of the hangar. Next to the hanging Gold-Mask uniforms is a weapon cabinet. To the left of that cabinet is a medicine container, and beneath that container is a loose cardboard box. Remove the cardboard box to reveal a secret code.
  • Triangle Code #30: Hangar 2 – Under the white tend in Hangar 2 where the large robots are being maintained. Look underneath one of the robots for a metal cart containing a triangle code on the lower shelf.

APEX Centre

  • Triangle Code #31: Level 7 – Enter the main security room where the M15 waypoint is located after the guards don’t allow Jensen to see the commander. Above this room is a narrow maintenance area that can be reached through an exterior vent. Near the vent is a wall-mounted electrical box with the code.
  • Triangle Code #32: Level 4 – After obtaining the Keycard at the party, enter the Maintenance door and look right for a locker room. The code is located inside one of the lockers.
  • Triangle Code #33: Exhibition Hall – Found in the upper-level security hub room, located up and left of the entrance doors.
  • Triangle Code #34: Level 5 – Choose to save the delegates and enter the office area. Across from the stairs deep into the area, look for a room marked “Conference Room C1110” — hack the door and look on the cabinet to the right.
  • Triangle Code #35: Level 2 – After warning the delegates, return to the empty party room and look for a serving cart near the white couch. The code is on the lowest shelf.

That’s all the triangle codes in Mankind Divided! Now get hunting for eBooks, Praxis Kits, or elite weapons. There’s plenty more to discover in the latest Deus Ex.