Deus Ex: Mankind Divided – All Praxis Kits Locations Guide


Gain levels and earn even more augmented upgrades with our list of extra Praxis Kit locations in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. These rare rewards are a pricey commodity at black market dealers — if you’re looking to save cash and earn new powers, you’ll want to track down every last Praxis Kit location with the guide below.

Praxis Kits are the rarest of the rare. Usually hidden behind layers of security or tucked away in obscure corners of the map, Praxis Kits are never easy to find, and getting your hands on these items for free can be a huge hassle. At least one Praxis Kit can be earned by completing a complicated Easter egg involving a gold penguin.

Then there’s Deus Ex GO — a tie-in mobile game that’s actually pretty darn fun. Finishing that game, and completing certain challenges within, can earn you up to five extra Praxis Kits in Mankind Divided. Keep scrolling for more info.

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Praxis Kits Locations Guide

Praxis points allow Adam Jensen to unlock new augmented abilities. Praxis points are earned by gaining XP or if you find / purchase a Praxis Kit. Like in Human Revolution, Praxis Kits are a rare commodity, and some can be located in missions or while exploring the open-world hub.

Here, you’ll find locations and tips to earn free Praxis Kits. The more kits you collect, the more powers you’ll unlock — collecting hidden kits is the best way to optimize your in-game performance.


Praxis Kits can be seen using enhanced vision. When searching for Praxis Kits, there are several augmentations you’ll want to unlock that make life much easier.

  • Implanted Rebreather [Immune to toxic gas]
  • Punch Through Wall [Destroy weak walls]
  • Optimized Musculature [Pick up heavy objects]

Deus Ex GO [5 Praxis Kits]

By completing tasks in the mobile companion app Deus Ex GO, you can unlock up to 5 Praxis Kits for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. Here’s what you’ll need to do in Deus Ex GO to earn bonus kits.

  • Complete the story mode (2 Praxis Kits)
  • Clear every level with Mastermind status
  • Complete a first set of weekly puzzles
  • Complete a second set of weekly puzzles

After completing one of these challenges, the app will ask that you sign-in or register for a Square Enix account. Logging into the same account in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided will link the app and unlock your free rewards.

If you’re looking for help earning these rewards, check out our complete Deus Ex GO gold guide, with step-by-step instructions on how to earn mastermind status on every level.

Prague – Poor Apartments – Tars’ Black Market [4 Praxis Kits]

One floor below Adam Jensen’s apartment, you’ll pass by a Black Market vendor that sells Praxis Kits. He restocks after every Prague visit, totaling 4 Praxis Kits you can purchase throughout the game. Each Praxis Kit costs 10,000 units.

Prague – Poor Apartments [1 Praxis Kit]

This hidden Praxis Kit is found in apartment 32. Search the floor boards for a hidden stash that contains one valuable kit.

Prague – Time Machine Book Store [1 Praxis Kit]

Inside Koller’s secret hideout, turn right to find a painting you can interact with. Moving the painting reveals a vent you can crawl through. The next room is filled with toxic gas and a safe. Hack the safe to find a Praxis Kit inside. Unlock the Toxic Rebreather to safely enter this room, and bring a Multi-Tool to hack into the safe.

Prague – TF29 Headquarters

Enter the Infirmary and look to the shelves near the ceiling. There’s a Medical Container located up high that contains a free Praxis Kit.

Prague – L.I.M.B. Clinic [1 Praxis Kit]

As you play through the story, you’ll eventually enter the abandoned L.I.M.B. Clinic. Unlock the high-jump leg mod and look at the ceiling in the lobby. There’s an opening you can leap to — once on the upper levels, you can find a Praxis Kit and plenty of crafting parts.

Prague – Palisade Property Bank [1 Praxis Kit]

This hidden Praxis Kit is located in the third floor CEO’s office inside the Palisade Bank. To access the hidden room, you’ll need to solve a rotating lightbox puzzle — look near the CEO’s desk to locate the puzzle. Tap to raise the blocks, and hold interact to cycle the blocks.

To easily solve this puzzle, follow these steps when at the puzzle’s default state; tap, hold, tap, hold, hold, tap. All three blocks will light up and the hidden door will unlock.

Inside the secret room, interact with the painting on the right to remove it and reveal a safe. Use a multitool or hack the terminal to open the safe and gain a free Praxis Kit.

Prague – Palisade Property Bank Executive Safe [1 Praxis Kit]

In the Executive Safe B area, find the Praxis Kit in Vault B07 — enter the code 0310 to open it. You can collect a Key Card to the Executive Safes in the Account Manager’s Office. Press the hidden button beneath his desk and open the newly-revealed safe to get the keycard.

Prague – Palisade Property Bank Vault

The underground Vault can be accessed late in the game when you’re given a choice to break into the Palisade Bank vault. Or, you can use the ventilation shaft in the Parking Garage area to travel down and reach the vault. To get the Praxis Kit, collect the Tai Yong Medical Vault Keycard from Dr. Orlov’s apartment during your “The Mystery Augs” side-quest investigation.

In the deep underground, use the keycard to summon the Tai Yong Medical Vault, which contains another Praxis Kit.

M7: The Rucker Extraction [3 Praxis Kits]

  • Praxis Kit #1:

Early in the stage, you’ll pass through the living quarters on the way to the Narrows. Before going down the stairs to the police checkpoint, look right for a storage area that’s been cordoned off by the police and turning into a restricted area. Break inside the store room and hack the locked doors in the back right. There’s a medical container in the back that contains a rare Praxis Kit.

  • Praxis Kit #2:

One of the trickiest free Praxis Kits is located in Mission 7. After being scanned at the start, climb two ladders and enter a ramshackle home containing a unique item — a gold penguin statue. Carry it all the way through the level; past the marketplace, through the cutscenes, and finally to the guarded restricted area after riding two elevators.

Sneak past the guards (or shoot them, whatever your style is) and drop down into the lower area directly past the center of the early compound. Turn left to find an interior room with a weak wall. You’ll need the ‘Punch Through Wall’ augmentation to enter the secret colony.

Enter the alcove and disable the electricity protecting the colony itself. There’s a swarm of gold penguins here! Place the crown prince on his throne, and a compartment will open nearby containing a Praxis Kit reward.

  • Praxis Kit #3:

Successfully complete the conversation with Talos Rucker to gain a keycard to his hidden office on the left. There’s a Level 5 safe inside that contains a Praxis Kit — use a Multitool to easily hack the safe. To successfully convince Rucker, follow these conversation choices:

  • Turn Tables
  • Patronize
  • Justify
  • Turn Tables

With the keycard, you can access the hidden room and collect all the items inside.

Prague – SM07: Fade to Black [1 Praxis Kit]

Successfully complete the conversation in the “Fade to Black” optional mission and Olivier will reward you with a Praxis Kit. Make sure to speak with her before leaving.

When Vlasta appears during your conversation with Olivie, use the C.A.S.I.E. mod to persuade him. Select these two options to convince him to smuggle Olivie:

  • Press
  • Press

If you’re successful, talk to her again to gain the Praxis Kit reward.

Prague – Church of the Machine God [1 Praxis Kit]

This locked area can only be accessed during a main mission (if you choose to confront the bomb-maker) or after your third visit to Prague at night when the city is under martial law. Go to Room 96 and use the high-jump leg augmentation to reach an attic-like area. There’s a Medical Container up in this area with a Praxis Kit.

Prague – Dvali Theater [1 Praxis Kit]

Late in the game, on M14, you’ll have to infiltrate the Dvali Theater. In the basement, search Radich Nikoldze’s office to find a safe in the back-left corner. Hack the safe to discover a Praxis Kit.

Apex Centre [1 Praxis Kit]

The final Praxis Kit is found on the body of the final boss. Grab it quick to use it for New Game+ playthroughs.