Deus Ex: Mankind Divided – Free & Rare Weapons Locations


Upgrade your arsenal in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided with our weapon locations guide, showcasing how to get your hands on uncommon weapons without spending cash at a vendor. Usually hidden, these special weapons aren’t always easy to get your hands on. Some can be found behind breakable walls or anywhere else out-of-the-way, and we’re going to reveal how to get each category with these quick how-to guides.

All the weapons listed here are ‘rare’ — they are not common guns equipped by soldiers. You’ll never find a soldier wielding a Stun Gun or the Tranquilizer Rifle. These are special weapons that can only be found in special hidey-holes or purchased. Let’s avoid purchases and see where to get some cool tools of destruction free of charge.

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Free & Rare Weapons Locations

Certain weapons are commonly equipped by soldiers and other opponents you’ll encounter throughout Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. Weapons like the basic Pistol, Assault Rifle, SMG and Shotgun are easy to find and can’t be missed.

But, certain weapons are harder to get your hands on. Some rare weapons are never used by opponents and can only be found in a limited number of areas. Not all rare weapons are available for purchase from vendors either. Learn where you can get some of these integral weapons early in the adventure.

Work-in-Progress: Check back soon for more weapon locations.

Silencer Mod

  • Location: Prague – Taskforce 29 Building
    • Go upstairs and enter Vincent Black’s office. Through the door, turn left to find his wall-safe. Hack the terminal to open it or use a Multi-Tool. The safe contains one Silencer mod.

4x Zoom Mod

  • Location: Golem City – RVAC Row
    • In the far-back of RVAC Row, you’ll encounter two female ARC soldiers talking near huge brown cylinders stacked in the back of the store room. This is right after you leave the large living area of the ARC territory.
    • Climb the brown cylinders to find a space behind the first row. The 4x Zoom mod is located in this hidden alcove.

Holosight Mod

  • Location: Golem City – RVAC Row
    • After riding the elevator up or climbing up to the ARC territory past the throat, you’ll enter a section of the map called RVAC Row. Check your map and enter the room marked “Gymnasium” — climb the stairs and move right. You can use a vent outside the gymnasium or jump up to the upper area of the room with a weapon case. The case contains a holosight and a Sniper Rifle.

Stun Gun

  • Location: Prague – The Time Machine (Koller’s Hideout)
    • Go to the upstairs room where you’ll find the secret elevator that leads down into Koller’s hideout. As you enter the room, turn right and look on a lonely shelf with a framed picture and a globe. The Stun Gun is located right behind the framed picture.

Tranquilizer Rifle

  • Location: Prague – Outside The Time Machine (Koller’s Hideout)
    • This is found outside the bookstore. From the exterior entrance, head down the left alley. There’s an open door with a room containing a weak wall. Use the “Punch Through Wall” upgrade to break through, then drop down into the crawlspace to get a silenced rifle.


  • Location: Golem City – Marketplace Entrance Hall
    • After passing through the police Restricted Zone, you’ll enter a narrow passage that leads toward the Market. In this hallway, there are several locked rooms on our right before reaching the Marketplace, just as you take the stairs up and turn after leaving the checkpoint.
    • Hack the security terminal to enter a small restricted room with a couch. To the right of the couch, there is an end table. The revolver is wedged between the couch and end table.

Sniper Rifle

  • Location: Prague – Outside The Time Machine (Koller’s Hideout)
    • This is found outside the bookstore. From the exterior entrance, head down the left alley. There’s an open door with a room containing a weak wall. Use the “Punch Through Wall” upgrade to break through, then drop down into the crawlspace. You’ll find one Sniper Rifle and one Tranquilizer Rifle.
  • Location: Golem City – RVAC Row
    • The ARC soldier territory known as RVAC Row is located right after moving through the ‘Throat’ area in Golem City. Once you enter RVAC Row, take the stairs on your right and jump up to find a vent that leads into the room marked “Gymnasium” on your map. Crawl inside and look in the back corner for a weapon cabinet containing a sniper rifle.

Lancer Rifle

  • Location: Golem City – The Throat
    • Once you reach the area called “The Throat” in Golem City, drop down into the trench and move left. There’s a container house on its side — climb in through the window and climb on top to reach a high ladder. Go up and hop onto the adjacent lift, using the “UP” button on the lift controls.
    • Cross the yellow beam when the lift stops and follow the narrow ledge path. There’s a second ladder ahead — don’t climb up! Instead, drop down and follow the yellow beam left. This leads to a weapon briefcase carrying the powerful Lancer Rifle.

Grenade Launcher

  • Location: Mission 13 – Hangar 1
    • Early in the mission, you’ll reach Hangar 1 — check your map to make sure you’re in the right spot. In this hangar, follow the stairs up into an upper-level office with a view of the hangar in the far back-left corner. There’s a weapon rack in the corner of the office, behind the computer desk, containing the Grenade Launcher.

Cote d’Azur Combat Rifle

  • Location: Tarvos Security Vault / Sobchak Security
    • To get this upgraded Combat Rifle, you’ll need to access the Palisade Bank underground vaults and get the Tarvos Security Keycard from the Sobchak Security basement. The Palisde Bank Vault area is accessible through the Palisade garage after completing M12, if you choose to break into the vault instead of saving the bomb-maker.
    • The Tarvos Security Keycard is located in a safe in the basement of Sobchak Security. It is a restricted area, so bring plenty of EMP or use remote hacking to get through the laser grids.
    • Once in the Palisade Bank Vault, find the Executive Vaults — there are three wallpanels you can access to open Vaults; Tarvos, Tai-Yong Medical, and Picus. The upgraded Combat Rifle is found in the Tarvos Vault.

Otar’s Revolver

  • Location: Dvali Theater
    • Late in the game, Adam Jensen will get a mission to infiltrate a heavily-guarded Dvali crime family theater. In the basement, you’ll find the two big bosses — Otar is the one in red. Knock him out to collect his beefed-up Revolver.

Devastator Shotgun

  • Location: Prague (Visit 3) – Temporary Police Station
    • Complete the Side-Mission Samizdat in your first visit to Prague and you’ll unlock another mission on your third visit during the lockdown. SM12 will automatically begin — talk to K and break into the temporary Police Station basement. In this basement, check out the lockers in the corner. One of the lockers containers this fully-upgraded Shotgun variant.
  • Location: London – APEX Centre
    • Another is located in the APEX Centre. Once you find the security room with the stolen uniforms on Level 7, check in the open weapon cabinet.