Deus Ex: Mankind Divided – All Side-Quest Starter Locations


Earn extra XP and cash with these side-gigs littered around the free-roaming city of Prague depicted in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. It isn’t all about rushing from one main-mission to the next. Sometimes it’s better to stop and smell the roses. Some of these side-quests are as compelling, if not more, than the central story-movers of the campaign. Learn how to unlock them all and get the rewards that entails with the full list of locations below.

Deus Ex has always featured open, explorable areas filled with optional objectives to complete. Human Revolution had Detroit and Shanghai, while Mankind Divided focuses its attention on the crumbling social order of Prague, where the huge augmented population have become second-class citizens. All the chaos and conflict breeds people in need, and you can choose which avenues to explore with these side-mission locations.

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All Side-Quest Starter Locations

Side-quests come in many forms — Points-of-Interests or optional tasks while completing main-missions — but for now, we’re sticking to the special “SM” jobs Adam Jensen can pursue in Prague. Below you’ll find locations and any other tasks required to unlock all side-missions.

SM:00 – Neon Nights

This quest is unlocked by overhearing drug addicts in southern Prague. You’ll get a Point-of-Interest location to explore on your map. Alternatively, explore the restricted apartment downstairs from Adam Jensen’s home in Southern Prague. Check the kitchen computer (hidden behind a box) — hack the computer or get the password from a nearby Pocket Secretary near the bed.

SM:01 – The Golden Ticket

Northeast from Adam Jensen’s apartment in Southern Prague, and just down the street from the locked entrance to Koller’s book store area, there’s a strange checkpoint. Look for a red restricted area on the map — speak with the cop and he’ll offer to sell you document forgeries. Play along and agree to meet the contact to begin this quest.

SM:02 – Cult of Personality

Follow the road south from Adam Jensen’s apartment block. Look for an alley with a manhole that leads into the sewers. Using this sewer entrance, climb the ladder down and listen to the conversation shared between two NPCs. Listening to this conversation unlocks a Point-of-Interest. Go explore the new Point-of-Interest in northern Prague (Viznik) to uncover the quest.

SM:03 – The Mystery Augs

This quest will automatically start after meeting with Koller early in the main story. You only need to return to Adam Jensen’s apartment to continue it — periodically, the quest will update with new information as you progress in the plot.

SM:04 – The Calibrator

This will begin after meeting with Koller early in the main story. If you attempt to earn the “Time Traveler” achievement / trophy, this quest will be locked out and you won’t be able to start it. This quest is given by Koller after meeting him.

If you want SM:09 to be available, follow the waypoint and speak with Otar. Negotiate with him to get the mission-object, and he’ll offer more side-quests in the future. To successfully negotiate with Otar, select “Straight Talk” only and accept his offer.

SM:05 – Samizdat

After arriving in Prague, you’ll be called to the Taskforce 29 building. Travel there and explore — just by walking around, certain NPCs will offer to chat with Adam Jensen. Peter Chang offers this side-quest when you speak with him in his office.

Later in the game, you can unlock the SM:12 quest if you complete this mission nonlethally. To do so, don’t attack the Samizdat staff. Simply approach to initiate a conversation. Speak with the “leader” to get more work.

SM:06 – 01011000

Once you complete your first visit to Golem City and return to Prague, look for glitchy monitors located around the subway stations in northern Prague. Interact with a monitor to initiate a cutscene. Following the scene, you’ll have a new Point-of-Interest to explore. Check it out to find the beginnings of this mission.

SM:07 – Fade to Black

When Adam Jensen is called back to Taskforce 29 for a plot-specific reason following Golem City, go find the psychologist Dr. Auzenne and speak with her. She is either found on her first floor office, or in Jim Miller’s office upstairs.

SM:08 – The Fix

This mission will automatically unlock after completing the main story missions post-Golem City in Prague. You can’t miss this quest if you continue along the main story route like normal.

SM:09 – All in the Family

During SM:04 you must negotiate with Otar to successfully unlock this quest. Select “Straight Talk” only during the conversation to successfully complete the debate, and Otar will offer you quests as you progress. You must also complete his request during your first visit to Golem City. If you fulfill both requirements, Otar will contact you with this quest.

SM:10 – The Harvester

Return to southern Prague after returning from Golem City and explore the alley south of Adam Jensen’s apartment block. Talk to the NPCs at a crime scene located there to begin this quest.

SM:11 – The Last Harvest

This mission is only available if you correctly completing SM:10 without making false arrests. After returning to Prague for a third time, you’ll be contacted with this quest after leaving Taskforce 29 for plot-specific reasons.

SM:12 – K is for Kadzey

You must complete SM:05 nonlethally to unlock this quest. If the staff of Samizdat are still alive, they will contact you again after your third return trip back to Prague later in the main story progression.

That’s every Prague-centered side-mission. Is there something we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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