Deus Ex: Mankind Divided – eBooks Collectible Locations Guide


Catch up on your reading with these eBook collectible locations for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided — finding them all unlocks the tough “Tablet Collector” trophy / achievement, and helps fill-in all the backstory for the Deus Ex universe.

These eBooks can be missed; many are found in Prague, but all the rest are located on missions outside the free-roam city where you won’t be able to return. Below we cover all the eBooks in (mostly) order, leading from one to the next on the map. There won’t be much backtracking, and we’ll try to stick solely to forward progression so if you follow the list, you hopefully won’t get lost in the expansive environments.

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eBooks Collectible Locations Guide

eBooks are small blue holographic tablets found throughout the environment. Collecting a unique eBook will earn you a small XP reward. Beware, many of these eBooks are missable.

Find all the eBooks to unlock the “Tablet Collector” achievement / trophy.



  • eBook #1: Level 2 – In the second penthouse room, right next to the signal booster optional objective.

South Prague

  • eBook #1: Poor Apartment – Look inside the secret stash near Adam Jensen’s bed in his top-floor apartment.
  • eBook #2: Poor Apartment – This is on the dining table inside Adam Jensen’s apartment.
  • eBook #3: Poor Apartment – Found on the kitchen island near the sink in Adam Jensen’s place.
  • eBook #4: Poor Apartment – Look on the kitchen counter of Apartment #41.
  • eBook #5: Poor Apartment – Go down to Apartment #23 to find this eBook on the kitchen counter.
  • eBook #6: Poor Apartment – During your second (night) visit to Prague, start the quest “The Harvester” — it is located in the alley next to the Poor Apartments. Do not make any arrests and on the third trip, you’ll begin “The Last Harvest” side-quest. The eBook is located in Apartment #31.
  • eBook #7: Second Floor Apt – Past the Police Checkpoint, jump or ride the lift to the second floor apartment across the alley from the Pawn Shop.
  • eBook #8: Radko Perry Campaign Headquarters – Near the apartment, check out the empty campaign headquarters. The eBook is in the front-left corner.
  • eBook #9: Time Machine – Found in the first-floor office area. Use the street entrance (right of the book store entrance) and look right of the door that leads into the book store.
  • eBook #10: Time Machine – In the second floor office with the secret entrance to Koller’s workshop. Look on one of the tables to the right.
  • eBook #11: Time Machine – Inside Koller’s basement workshop, look to the right as you enter for a painting you can interact with. Do so to open it like a vent and crawl into the hidden room filled with gas. The ebook is in one of the lockers.
  • eBook #12: Time Machine – Also in Koller’s workshop, look on the nightstand next to the unfolded bed.
  • eBook #13: Dai-Taga Bar – Above the bar, climb the rooftops and enter the apartment. The eBook is located on the bed.
  • eBook #14: Konicky & Hracky – At the restricted area guarded by local gangsters, enter the toy factory through the front door. The room is protected by laser grids — look on the windowsill to the right.
  • eBook #15: Konicky & Hracky – Bust into the forger’s apartment. The eBook is on the dresser near the balcony door.
  • eBook #16: Sewers Level 3 – Locate the underground church and climb up into the restricted area. Dodge the cameras to reach a private studio where the church leader films. There’s a couch with the eBook inside.
  • eBook #17: Svobody Beer – Go to the bar with the Svobody beer sign. The tender will sell you items if you speak with her. The eBook is right there on the bartop.
  • eBook #18: Svobody Beer – Found in the small locked room in the tavern basement.
  • eBook #19: Church of the Machine God – This area can only be accessed if you rescue Allison for M10, or when Martial Law is declared in Prague. The first eBook is found in the second floor apartment with the table covered in papers and candles.
  • eBook #20: Church of the Machine God – Also on the second floor, this eBook is in the cafeteria apartment between the stairwells.
  • eBook #21: Church of the Machine God – In the last second floor apartment not-yet-explored, go to the bathroom to get an eBook off the floor.
  • eBook #22: Praha Mini Market – On the counter near the soda machine.
  • eBook #23: Fountain Square Apartment – Climb the billboard ladder in the Fountain Square right in front of the subway station entrance. Jump across to the apartment balcony to find an eBook under the lamp.
  • eBook #24: Vincent Van Aug – On a folding chair in the basement.
  • eBook #25: Vincent Van Aug – In the same basement, look on the stage.
  • eBook #26: Courtyard – Check the chair arm to the left just as you enter the northern courtyard door.
  • eBook #27: Police Checkpoint – Ride the lift (after plugging in a biocell) to the rooftop above the checkpoint. On the left side, use ledges to reach the upper-floor apartment balcony. The eBook is on the floor of the messy apartment.

North Prague

  • eBook #1: Palisade Bank – As you enter the main entrance, look on the couches to the left of the reception desk in the lobby.
  • eBook #2: Palisade Bank – Directly behind the reception desk, there’s another sitting around with an eBook.
  • eBook #3: Palisade Bank – Take the stairs down into the Executive Safes floor of the bank. Go to the Executive Services office. The eBook is right on the large desk.
  • eBook #4: Palisade Bank – Go to the Level 3 Offices and enter the CEO / CTO office. Open the secret door by completing the light box puzzle (Raise, Turn, Raise, Turn, Turn, Raise) — there is an eBook on the cabinet, and a Praxis Kit / Triangle Code in the safe.
  • eBook #5: Palisade Bank – This eBook is located in the Corporate Vaults that can only be accessed in Mission 12 if you choose the bank heist path. Once you call down the Versalife Vault, find the eBook next to the computer.
  • eBook #6: Ludvik’s Lounge – Near the Market Square, look on the counter near the window to find this eBook.
  • eBook #7: Palisade Apartment – Use the high-jump augment to reach an upper apartment located behind the Palisade Station. The coffee table contains the eBook — you can use the Palisade Station holographic rooftop to reach this apartment.
  • eBook #8: Palisade Balcony – Another eBook located near the Palisade Station. High-jump onto the station roof, then look to the large upper-class concrete balcony. Use the awnings and ledges to reach the balcony.
  • eBook #9: Autodily – Grab this eBook on the small red coffee table.
  • eBook #10: Sewers Level 4 – Take the sewer manhole located behind Tubehouse Electronics to reach the Dvali Casino. Go upstairs to the security office door and look left. There’s a sitting area with the eBook in the dimly lit corner.
  • eBook #11: Rose’s Garden – On the counter near the front windows.
  • eBook #12: Rose’s Garden Courtyard – Jump onto the roof of the mini-storage sheds and climb up onto the Rose Garden rooftop. There’s a mattress up there with the eBook.
  • eBook #13: TF29 – Go to the security holding cells and look on a folding chair in front of the dual prison rooms.
  • eBook #14: TF29 – Check the small office attached to the Forensics section. The eBook is found on the cabinets.
  • eBook #15: TF29 – Talk to Aria and enter the Shooting Range. There’s a lonely couch inside the range proper with this eBook.
  • eBook #16: TF29 – Explore the Counter Terrorism Unit and look on the desk in the center of the room.
  • eBook #17: TF29 – Search Miller’s Office — the eBook is right on his desk, found on a pile of papers.
  • eBook #18: Monument Station – Go to the subway station located near the Tourist Center / Registration Office and find the eBook near the back and at the benches.
  • eBook #19: Tourist Center – Enter the box office in the Tourist Center lobby to find this eBook on a desk.
  • eBook #20: Ruzicka Station – Go to the “Dazzle” gift shop attached to the Main Hall — the eBook is on the ground, next to a chalk outline.
  • eBook #21: Lekarna Pharmacy – This eBook is only accessible if you complete “The Harvester” side-mission and continue into “The Last Harvest” — start the first mission by exploring the alley next to Adam Jensen’s apartment building after your second visit to Prague at night. During Martial Law, if you don’t make a false arrest, “The Last Harvest” will unlock. Hack the computer in the wrecked apartment and read the e-mails to get an optional objective. Go to the pharmacy to find this rare eBook.
  • eBook #22: L.I.M.B. Clinic – Break into the clinic during Mission 6. The eBook is on the table in the basement.
  • eBook #23: Coffee Shop – Found directly across from the L.I.M.B. Clinic, use the signs to reach the upper level apartment building. There’s a Chemistry table with this eBook.
  • eBook #24: Libuse Apartments – Find this eBook in the kitchen of Apartment 96.
  • eBook #25: Libuse Apartments – Only available during the second Prague visit (night), find the eBook in Apartment 85. This eBook is on the bathroom floor.
  • eBook #26: Red Light District – The Red Light District is only available at the second Prague visit (night) — go to the alley to the right of the Irish Stool. Jump up using the ledges to reach the second floor apartment containing this eBook.
  • eBook #27: Dvali Territory – Like the Red Light District, this restricted area is only available during the second Prague instance at night. Go to the third floor, apartment 95, to find this eBook on a cabinet to the right of the television.
  • eBook #28: Dvali Territory – Next, enter apartment 94 and look underneath the huge television to get this eBook.
  • eBook #29: Dvali Theater – Find this final eBook on the black couch in the basement Manager’s Office.

Golem City

  • eBook #1: Unit 00125 – Before heading toward the Narrows, you’ll reach a huge ARC hanging mural. Turn left and enter the housing unit opposite the restricted zone. The eBook is at the right wall, on a desk.
  • eBook #2: Unit 00513 – Inside the police checkpoint, head down past the incarceration block to the armory. There’s an office inside the scratched-out door marker. Look on the abandoned poker game table. It’s located just right of the checkpoint exit.
  • eBook #3: Materska Skola – Past the police checkpoint, enter the school to the right before entering the marketplace. The eBook is on a desk inside.
  • eBook #4: Marketplace – Search the tables in the food court, left of the exit elevator, to find this discarded tablet.
  • eBook #5: Marketplace – Take the stairs to the crowded living quarters above the food court. There’s a room with three bunk beds wedged inside. The eBook is located here.
  • eBook #6: Marketplace – Go past the exit elevator and take the stairs down, then turn left. In this corner, there’s a table with another eBook near vegetables.
  • eBook #7: Marketplace – Take the stairs up from the previous eBook and enter the unit marked “150252” — the eBook is on the desk with the computer.
  • eBook #8: RVAC Row – In the dangerous ARC living quarters, search the dormitory on the right past the laundry machines. The eBook is found on a table near the beds.
  • eBook #9: Ridit Station – Get to the second floor and look for a room with plans on a desk. The room is on the upper-right from the entrance to the area.
  • eBook #10: Ridit Station – Toward the exit to Riddit Station, you’ll pass a security room near the red-laser light barriers on the second floor. This room, marked “400125” contains an eBook.
  • eBook #11: Talos Rucker’s Office – Win the debate with Talos Rucker to gain his keycard. Select: Turn Tables, Patronize, Justify, Turn Tables. With the card, enter the room to the left of his desk. The eBook is located on the red couch.
  • eBook #12: Talos Rucker’s Office – After the cutscenes, look on the desk near the office entrance to find this unconcealed eBook.


  • eBook #1: Hangar 1 – Just after entering the G.A.R.M. facility hangar, turn right (and dodge the camera) to enter a small security office. The eBook is on the table in the center of the room.
  • eBook #2: Hangar 1 – In the same large area, head to the far back-left corner and take the stairs up into an office with hanging Gold-Mask uniforms. The eBook is found on the desk.
  • eBook #3: Hangar 2 – Go to the large area that’s covered with a white tent. There are large robots being maintained here. Look on the work table near between one of these bots and the computer terminal.

Apex Centre

  • eBook #1: Level 7 – Look on the desk of the suspicious Tarvos Guard that manned the entrance into the security area. Take the side entrance to check that desk and grab the eBook.
  • eBook #2: Level 1 – Down on the party floor, go past the SAFE HARBOR sign and to the lowest section. Look behind the Rabi’ah sign for a seating area between the steps and the window.
  • eBook #3: Level 2 – You must choose to save Brown to get this eBook. Go to the VIP Room. After the cutscene, return and look on one of the tables to get the last eBook.