Deus Ex: Universe Confirmed And Rumored Details Revealed

We have new details regarding Deus Ex: Universe, confirmed and rumored alike. Like us, we recommend you take this with a grain of salt, but don’t tell us you’re not interested.

Apparently, Square Enix has decided to break up the concept across an entire console generation of core games, building upon an expanding and online game world. One source particularly says that it will be three games instead of one, because the design idea was far too ambitious.

Much like Mass Effect, you will be able to move your save data across the different games, including many player decisions. In fact, the scope of these decisions will be bigger than it was in Bioware’s games.

The number of core games could change dependent on game plans, and this series will expand even further with even more games on tablets and smartphones, as well as books, graphic novels, etc.

Square Enix has also been caught trademarking Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, although whether this is separate or connected to Universe has yet to be seen, but apparently this game will feature both Human Revolution’s Adam Jensen andThe Fall’s Ben Saxon .

So far, the only confirmed info regarding Deus Ex: Universe is our cover picture, showing a cross section of a ghetto-city. This new class has reshaped their surroundings to reflect their aspirations for a Cyber Renaissance.

We’ll share more information on Deus Ex: Universe when it appears.