Deus Ex: Mankind Divided – All Persuasion / Conversation Solutions


Brains trump brawn with our latest list of useful Deus Ex: Mankind Divided info. This time we’re targeting the conversations and debates that litter the story — without the C.A.S.I.E. social mod, completing a talking sequence is just random chance. Even with that powerful (and useful) chat-centric augment upgrade, you can still fail certain talk-y challenges. No more, because here you’ll find lists with the exact correct responses you’ll need to “win” conversations.

Like previous Deus Ex games, there are multiple paths to completing missions. One of those (slightly more rare) paths is the social angle — you can talk you way past guard or into great rewards. It’s just one of the multiple ways Adam Jensen can get things done, but it tends to be the most peaceful. Chatting it up means things won’t result in bloody violence. Most of the time.

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All Persuasion / Conversation Solutions

The social augment helps Adam Jensen to read opponents in a conversation and resolve problems peacefully. The C.A.S.I.E. mod primarily helps you choose the correct responses — it also allows Adam Jensen to persuade characters that won’t normally talk.

There aren’t benefits to every conversation, so we’re sticking to the debates that you’ll really want to win. This includes C.A.S.I.E. mod exclusive “Persuasion” conversations.

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Otar Botkoveli

Use these responses to resolve the situation peacefully in Side-Mission 4:

  • Response #1: Straight Talk
  • Response #2: Straight Talk
  • Response #3: Straight Talk
  • Response #4: Accept

Talos Rucker

Use these responses to win the debate in Mission 7:

  • Response #1: Turn Tables
  • Response #2: Patronize
  • Response #3: Justify
  • Response #4: Turn Tables

Nosey [Social Mod Required]

Use this response to persuade Nosey to provide more information in Mission 8.

  • Acknowledge

Vlasta [Social Mod Required]

Use this response to convince Vlasta to smuggle Olivie in Side Mission 7.

  • Press
  • Press

More persuasion events & conversations coming soon!