Deus Ex GO: Puzzle Solutions Guide | Gold States 1-6


Deus Ex GO, the mobile puzzler companion app to Deus Ex: Mankind Divided has landed on iOS and Android devices. Instead of first-person action, you’ll take part in bite-sized turn-based puzzles, using stealth to avoid (and defeat) your enemies. Some of these stages are diabolically tricky, so we’ve put together a step-by-step guide showing you how to earn gold on every mission we’ve completed so far. Just keep scrolling for all the details, including tips and explanation for beginners.

Why would you want to earn gold? Earning rewards in Deus Ex GO will also unlock extras in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided — Praxis Kits are one such reward, giving you more options in the current-gen FPS RPG. Getting gold requires players to complete a puzzle in a certain amount of moves. Basically, you have to be perfect. We’ve put together every step you’ll need to take. Check out all the guides for Novak’s Mansion puzzles below.

All the Deus Ex GO gold puzzle solutions on Gameranx:

Puzzle Solutions Guide | Gold States 1-6

Here you’ll find solutions for the Novak’s Mansion section of the story. Each guide explains the basics and any new mechanics introduced. Beneath the introduction, you’ll find a step-by-step guide explaining how to get gold on every stage.

1 – Silent Approach

  • Adam Jensen makes a flashy entrance by busting through the brick fence. He automatically takes out the first guard — follow the linear path by tapping the white circles on the turn-based path. See the white line? That’s how you (and guards) move.
  • Moving ahead, you’ll enter the line-of-sight of a guard. He’ll activate something called a “Titan Shield” and turn red. Don’t move toward him! Instead, move toward the guard on the left. He isn’t paying attention — tap him to snap his neck.
  • Stay on the upper path until the second guard deactivates his Titan Shield. Don’t let him see you! He’ll return to his idle position on the right. When he does, approach from above and tap him.
  • Remember, enemies can only move when you move. Defeat the last guard when he’s not on alert and reach the large white circle to complete the first mission.

2016-08-18 11.28.49

  • GOLD Guide:
    • Right (1 space)
    • Up (3 spaces) – You’ll enter a guard’s line-of-sight here.
    • Right (4 spaces) – Takedown the guard as you move right.
    • Down (3 spaces) – Takedown the second guard here.
    • Right (1 space) – Welcome to the goal.

2 – Getting Sidetracked

  • This is when things get tricky. You’ll always get spotted by the single guard, and there’s no way to get around him.
    • Watch out! Alerting a guard one space away leads to an instant-defeat. Only alert guards more than one space away from Adam Jensen.
  • When you alert a guard, watch for the red alert signal — this red line shows you where the guard will move next. Simply move out of the line-of-sight (anywhere on screen not directly facing the guard) to break line-of-sight. Once line-of-sight is broken, and they complete their red-line path, the guard will always return to their normal location.
  • You can’t take out a guard that’s already alerted! Instead, you’ll want to get away from this guard, lead them, and reach the exit before they return to their post.
  • Now you’ll be one space ahead of the guard. Move down, right, and then up. The guard will return to their post — you can kill the guard or exit the level now.

2016-08-18 11.42.54

  • GOLD Guide:
    • Right (1 space)
    • Up (1 space) – You’ll enter line-of-sight here.
    • Left (2 spaces)
    • Up (1 space) – Leaving line-of-sight.
    • Right (2 spaces)
    • Down (1 space) – Entering an alerted guard’s line-of-sight.
    • Right (1 space)
    • Up (2 spaces) – Exit the stage.

3 – Cloak and Dagger

  • Take the Cloak power-up and activate it. That’s the blue triangle — tap it in your menu, then tap Adam Jensen to turn for a single move.
  • You can sneak by the first guard, but the second will spot you. Move into the alcove on the right and move between the two spaces.
  • Wait for the guard to return to their post. Move up and collect the second Cloak power-up. It doesn’t matter if the guard sees you a second time — just stay out of their path!
  • Once you have the power-up, use it to enter their line-of-sight one space away. If you are invisible one space away from a guard, you can catch them by surprise and initiate a takedown! Good to remember for later.
  • Defeat the guard using the Cloak power-up and exit to complete this puzzle.

2016-08-18 11.44.38

  • GOLD Guide:
    • Up (1 space) – Collect the Cloak power-up.
    • Right (2 spaces) – Use the Cloak power-up first, to sneak by the first guard.
    • Up (1 space) – You’re now in the second guard’s line-of-sight.
    • Right (1 space) – Exiting line-of-sight.
    • Down (1 space) / Up (1 space) – Waiting for the guard to return to his post.
    • Left (1 space)
    • Up (1 space) – You’ll be seen again, but we’re leaving the guard’s path next turn.
    • Left (1 space)
    • Up (2 spaces) – Collect the second Cloak.
    • Down (1 space)
    • Right (1 space) – Use the Cloak before entering the guard’s line-of-sight.
    • Up (1 space) – Takedown the guard while cloaked.
    • Right (1 space) – Goal!

4 – Eyes on Target

  • See the Cloak power-up? That’s what you need to solve this puzzle. Move up and get spotted by both guards.
  • Wait at the top row until the first guard is moving back to his post. Stay one space apart from the lower guard, and grab it — that way, when the guard sees you, you won’t get knocked out immediately. As long as one space is between you and the guard, you’re safe. Retreat back up to the upper row.
  • The second guard will see you. Wait for him to return to his post, then use Cloak to slip by to the exit. Make sure the guard is waiting at his post on the right — if you step into the guard while cloaked, it leads to an instant defeat.

2016-08-18 11.56.07

  • GOLD Guide:
    • Right (1 space)
    • Up (3 spaces) – Entering the line-of-sight for both guards.
    • Right (1 space) / Left (1 space) – Waiting for the second guard to return to post.
    • Down (2 spaces) – You should cross the second guard’s line-of-sight again here.
    • Left (2 spaces) – Collect the Cloak here.
    • Right (2 spaces)
    • Up (2 spaces) – Crossing the guard’s line-of-sight yet again.
    • Right (1 space) / Left (1 space) / Right (1 space) – Waiting for the guard to return to post, again.
    • Down (3 spaces) – Use the Cloak before moving down to cross the last guard’s line-of-sight safely.
    • Right (1 space) – Goal!

5 – Center of Attention

  • This one should be a cinch. The guard will always spot Adam Jensen — use the triangle side-paths to evade the guard. Reaching the upper side-path allows you to sneak-up on the guard and perform a takedown, opening the way to the exit.

2016-08-18 11.57.25

  • GOLD Guide:
    • Right (1 space)
    • Up (1 space) – Here you’ll get caught.
    • Right (1 space)
    • Down (2 spaces) – Leaving the guard’s line-of-sight.
    • Up (2 spaces) – Returning to the main path.
    • Right (1 space) – Here you’ll enter the line-of-sight again.
    • Up (2 spaces)
    • Down (1 space) – Here, we’re waiting for the guard to return to a passive state.
    • Up (1 space)
    • Down (2 spaces) – Takedown the guard.
    • Right (1 space)
    • Up (1 space) – Exit the puzzle.

6 – Novak’s Office

  • In this stage, we learn that guards will block the line-of-sight of other guards. The guard in the center looks like a tempting takedown, but there is a second guard waiting right next to him — takedown him and you’ll get caught and killed.
  • What you need to do is enter the center guard’s line of sight — draw him up, then move down, allowing the right-hand guard to spot you. This will draw the right-hand guard away from the desk, allowing you to reach the goal.
  • Standing guards will also block an alerted guard’s movement — a passive guard won’t move for anything! If you time it right, the alerted right-hand guard can get trapped by the center-guard.

2016-08-18 12.24.45

  • GOLD Guide:
    • Up (2 spaces)
    • Left (1 space)
    • Up (2 spaces)
    • Right (2 spaces) – You’ll enter the first guard’s line-of-sight here.
    • Left (2 spaces)
    • Down (2 spaces) – You’ll enter the right-hand guard’s line-of-sight here.
    • Up (2 spaces) / Right (2 spaces) – Re-enter the center guard’s line-of-sight.
    • Left (2 spaces) / Down (2 spaces) / Up (1 space) – We’re waiting for the right-hand guard to get trapped.
    • Down (3 spaces)
    • Right (3 spaces)
    • Up (1 space)
    • Right (2 spaces) – You’ll reach the goal here.

That completes the first section of the story! Next up… the Restricted Area.