Deus Ex Go is Revealed

DeusExGoToday during their Deus Ex Pre-E3 show, Square Enix revealed a mobile game in the series. Based around the Go mobile games of Hitman and Tomb Raider, Deus Ex is getting an edition of their own. You’ll be joined by TF29 and the Juggernaut Collective, working to uncover a terrorist attack in the works.

According to an early look at the game from Engadget, many of the same features of these Go games will return here. Node-based stages and a simple yet sleek graphics look, but with new twists for the Deus Ex universe. According to the early build: Jensen had access to an invisibility power-up, the player could disable turrets via terminals, drawing lines to navigate the level, raising platforms and making new paths. It’s slated to be the largest Go game yet, complete with a level editor, a first for the series.


“One of the reasons why it’s coming later is that we don’t just want to put a button there that says ‘you can also make stuff.’ We want to make the best experience possible in a level editor. One that people are going to remember, that will be the best editor you see on the App Store, and that will be actually usable,” according to game designer Etienne Giroux. “You’re not constantly learning new rules, it’s just that you realize these rules talk to each other. That they work together. And that’s really the complexity that we go for in these games, because they have to be simple, they have to be graspable, and we like that anyone can think that it’s easy for them to get into it.”

DeusExGoRobotThe Engadget early look states that for now Deus Ex Go will only be on mobile devices, but the team may port it in the same fashion as Hitman Go in the future.