Monster Hunter Stories 2: How To Get Palamute Monsties | Dog Pals Guide

You can now get your very own doggy Monstie pal in Monster Hunter Stories 2 — but you won’t find them wandering around the world. Palamutes, the big dog companions you’ll get in Monster Hunter Rise have arrived in a fresh update, and they come in a variety of different colors and combinations. There’s a different color (and face!) for each Palamute divided by element, and you’ll immediately know which type of Palamute you’re getting by the color of its egg.

Getting Palamutes isn’t super straightforward, so we’re going to discuss how to get them in the guide below. Palamutes are like really big dogs, making them one of the smaller Monsties you’ll get in Monster Hunter Stories 2 — but that just makes them cuter. There are six variants total for the Palamutes, and you can only get one before finishing the game. After completing the story, you’ll be able to get the entire range of Palamute variants in a specific quest designed just for these little guys. Let’s go over all the basics.

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How To Get Your Own Palamute | Dog Monstie Guide

Palamutes are the dog companions from Monster Hunter Rise, and they’re included in a free update to Monster Hunter Stories 2. To get them, you need to unlock the ability to take part in Co-Op Expeditions. Palamutes are only available as rewards you’ll find from specific expeditions in the multiplayer menu.

  • Palamutes can be find in the following Co-Op Expeditions:
    • 5* Co-Op Expedition Quest “Palamute Den”
    • 8* Co-Op Expedition Quest “Palamute Home”

The “Palamute Den” quest will guarantee you a Palamute earlier in the game, but the “Palamute Home” is the Expedition you’ll want to complete over and over again. “Palamute Home” is only available in the post-game after completing the main story, and special colorful elemental variants are available to obtain at random. “Palamute Home” features six different special types of Palamute, with different ears and colors setting them apart. Each colorful Palamute is related to a specific elemental type, so you can get chilly Ice Palamutes, Fire Palamutes, or Electricity Palamutes.

Palamute is a worthy addition to your Monstie team, so grab him ASAP! You’ll unlock multiplayer functions pretty early in the adventure as you progress the story in Rutoh Village. Near the end of Act 2, you’ll be free to give the “Palamute Den” a try, but you’ll probably need to beef up your Monsties.