FF7R: Intermission – How To Get All Weapons | Locations Guide

What weapon you’re carrying can complete change your playstyle in INTERmission, the DLC chapters for Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Depending on your weapon, you’ll instantly have different strengths and weaknesses — and different slots for your Materia. Some weapons have very few Materia slots. Others have plenty, including special linked slots you can use to buff certain powers. Missing even one weapon is annoying, so we’re going to list all the weapon locations available in the game.

Both Yuffie and Sonon have three weapons each. That includes their starting weapons — so you have two weapons to find for each one of them. These weapons can then be further upgraded with AP, giving you HP boosts, magic buffs, higher physical damage, or improved defense. Each weapon has a very different focus, whether it’s all about dealing the most damage or giving you access to plenty of Materia slots. Get all the weapons (and fully upgrade them!) with the full locations guide below.

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All Yuffie & Sonon Weapon Locations

There are three weapons for each character in INTERmission — weapons are typically located in purple glowing chests. You’ll find them as you progress through the various dungeons of the DLC chapters. They can be missed!

Yuffie Weapons

Boomerang: Sector 7 Slums – Avalance Base – In the basement of the Avalance Base / Clinic, open the purple chest.

Steel Reaper: Shipping Facility – Lower Level – Ward 1 – Dropping down into the lower level from the conveyor, you’ll pass through an enemy in a dirt room. Climb up and look for the purple chest on the left.

Sonon Weapons

Indurate Staff: Sector 7 Slums – Shipping Facility Connecting Passage – Past the Sector 7 Slums train station, you’ll be able to access the connecting passage. Don’t miss the purple chest on the right.

Djinn Staff: B14 – Advanced Weaponry Production – After fighting the Magitrooper Armor, you’ll enter a hallway with a viewing window of a giant robot. Don’t miss the purple chest here!