FF7R: Intermission – How To Beat The Fort Condor Grandmaster | Trophy Guide

Final Fantasy 7 Remake just got itself a new story DLC to go with its PS5 upgrade. In the Intermission side-campaign, you play as Yuffie on a mission to infiltrate Shinra Tower and steal the “Ultimate” Materia. You’ll join a new partner on your mission with entirely unique abilities, new weapons, and a new Summon to unlock. It’s absolutely worth it to explore the world of FF7 again in smooth 60 FPS. Yuffie has a unique moveset that’s recommended for veteran players, and her extra party member isn’t actually playable — but he has the ability to synchronize with Yuffie, transforming her abilities and making them even more powerful.

In the first chapter of Intermission, you’re free to explore the Sector 7 Slums and complete side-quests. One of those side-quests is a fully-fledged mini-game called Fort Condor. This is based on the Fort Condor mini-game in the original FF7 — but there’s more going on here. You’ll unlock different boards and units to deploy as you try to destroy each other’s nests. It’s a weird and fun little game, and there’s a prize waiting for you if you manage to beat everyone. The last match is the Grandmaster, and they’re so tough we’ve put together a guide explaining exactly how to beat him.

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How To Beat The Fort Condor Grandmaster | ‘Game, Set, Master’ Guide

Chadley is the final opponent in Fort Condor. He becomes available as an opponent once you defeat the Rank 3 opponent. To beat him, you’ll need to prepare. Go to the Happy Turtle vendor in Slum 7 to purchase extra boards and units that you need. But, there’s one board we want that you can’t get from a store.

  • How To Get The Assassin 3 Board: Go to the Shipping Facility near the end of Chapter 1. As you progress, you’ll find a special board called the Assassin 3 board. This is one of the best boards in the game because it generates energy so fast you can deploy twice as many units faster than your opponent.

The Assassin 3 board doesn’t have any magic, but you can outlast. You need start off slow and invade the enemy’s territory early to bait out all their magic abilities. They’ll wipe you out (mostly), but then rebuild defensively so your units can eventually cluster and attack from multiple angles. Deploy lots of flying units and long-range units to support them, and watch to see what your enemy deploys.

Remember to deploy units that are advantaged, and to avoid deploying units that are disadvantaged.

  • Blue is strong against Red.
  • Red is strong against Green.
  • Green is strong against Blue.

You’ll also want to purchase Barracks or Facilities. With the Assassin Board, we can deploy Barracks fast. Place them near your base so the most possible units will spawn from them, and then deploy your other units to back up these guys so they don’t just die against the first enemies that appear. The trick is to keep your barracks producing units as long as possible.

  • Purchase the Slug Ray Facility from the Condor Coin Shop (Happy Turtle vendor) and deploy it right in the center of your base. These flying units will continue to aid and bombard your units. Because they fly, lots of magic attacks and other abilities won’t hurt them.

Follow these tips, and you’ll win for sure. I started by spawning the Slug Ray Facility, sending in standard low-HP units to counter their units, and then spawned units on the opposite lane. If the enemy spawns a Barracks on the opposite lane but nothing else, don’t take the bait. Your towers can defeat a single Security Officer.

For winning, you earn the AP UP Materia — a great Materia that increases the amount of AP you earn in battle. You’ll earn the ‘Game, Set, Master‘ trophy for completing this side-quest.