Final Fantasy 7 Remake Still Progressing Smoothly

Final Fantasy is such a massively popular video game franchise that is spanned decades at this point with countless video game installments. We have the mainline series along with spin-offs and even remakes to enjoy at this point. For years, fans have been pleading to Square Enix in remaking the iconic Final Fantasy classic, Final Fantasy VII. It took quite a few years but the remake recently came out for the PlayStation 4.

This remake changed a few things up. For instance, the gameplay has turned from the traditional turn-based RPG mechanics to a more action RPG experience. Think of the Kingdom Hearts combat system as a reference to this installment. Furthermore, we knew that this remake was going to be quite a big experience. As a result, there wasn’t going to be a single video game release that could tell the entire storyline in the enhanced visuals and mechanics Square Enix had planned out.

As a result, this game was supposed to be set in multiple parts. What we don’t know is just how many parts it was going to take. For now, we only have the first installment, but it looks like development for the second part is going smoothly. This came from Square Enix producer, Yoshinori Kitase during a conversation he had with the Japanese publication, Famitsu.

During the conversation, Yoshinori was reflecting on his 2020 year, and with it came the subject of Final Fantasy VII Remake’s upcoming second installment. According to the Square Enix producer, the world of Final Fantasy VII Remake has only just begun and that development is going smoothly. With that said, we’ll have to wait a bit longer before we can get more information about the game. At this point, there’s no release date as to when we can even expect this second part installment to release into the marketplace.

Source: Twitter