Valheim: Players Have Discovered A Faster Way To Dupe Items

There’s really no reason for players to dupe in Valheim — not when the cheat console is so easy to access. But not every wants to take the steps necessary to start cheating, or maybe you want to copy all your wood for a big project that you (normally) wouldn’t need. There are plenty of reasons to dupe, and if you’ve got a friend willing to help you out, there’s a new method that makes duping even faster and easier than normal.

By working with an online friend, you can dupe items once every minute. All you need is a full inventory and a chest full of stuff you want to dupe. This isn’t going to hurt anyone either — Valheim is a purely cooperative game, so it’s all up to you how you want to play. If you want to cheat, then cheat. If you want to dupe… there’s a very quick new method explained below.

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New Item Duping Method

This new duping method is done online — two players have to work together and swap items with very precise timing. The Guest and the Host have to work together and swap at the exact same time, so you’ll need a mic if you’re planning on trying this.

  • New Duping Method | How It Works
    • This method requires two online players.
    • Place the items you want to duplicate in a chest / cart.
    • The Guest (not the Host) must open the chest and select “Take All”.
    • The Host must then close the server at (almost) the exact same time. You need to close it within a second of the Guest taking all loot.

Why does this work? This duping method works because of how the Server and Guest data is saved. Host world data is saved via the server, while Guest data is saved locally. If you quit fast enough, the Server data can’t catch up, while the Guest server save contains everything that the player took — duplicating it.

Using this method, you can copy tons of stuff and you can just keep repeating it every minute. Not that anyone really needs to dupe — you can just cheat with the console. There’s nothing to stop you! It’s just fun to find little dupes like this sometimes.