Outriders: How To Prevent The Inventory Wipe Bug

There’s a game-ending bug running rampant through the Outriders community that is causing players to lose their entire inventory. Those legendary weapons you spent hours farming? Those can disappear with everything else you’ve earned instantly if this rare bug strikes. The developers of Outriders, People Can Fly, are working overtime to fix this catastrophic issue ASAP — but until then, there are steps you can take to prevent a total inventory wipe.

What triggers the inventory wipe bug? We don’t know. It’s related to server issues, and seems to trigger most often during end-game Expedition missions. It also seems most likely to trigger during multiplayer sessions with others — but some players have reported instances during mid-game battles, like right after the Moloch boss. If you’re worried about this happening to you, this is what you need to know to prevent losing everything.

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How To Prevent Inventory Wipe | Bug Solution Guide

The inventory bug can strike out of nowhere. You’ll notice something is wrong with your inventory — something might be unequipped, or items in your inventory are disappearing — or they’ve already disappeared. If you notice something strange going on, you can act fast to rescue your inventory.

  • Inventory Wipe Fix: Immediately force close Outriders and restart.

Don’t save and exit — press the PS Button / Xbox Button to exit the game and force close. On PC, use Ctrl+Alt+Delete or Alt-Tab to exit and close the game.

The game constantly saves progress, so you want to exit the game before progress is auto-saved. If you do that, you’ll lose any items you’ve gained before the last checkpoint, but you will keep any items that have disappeared. You’ll revert back to the last save point — including whatever inventory you had. Currently this is the only way to keep your items if they disappear, so make sure to act fast.

This is the solution the developers are currently shared as a stop-gap until the full patch hits in the future. Just cross your fingers this doesn’t happen to you.