Maquette: Walkthrough & Puzzle Solutions Guide | Pt. 5 – The Spiral

If you’re going to get stuck in Maquette, it’s going to be in this stage. There are four primary puzzles in this level — one after another, and they’re all head-scratchers. One of the puzzles involving a key has one of the most insidious solutions we’ve seen in awhile. But if you’ve learned anything in Maquette, it’s that out-of-the-box thinking is required. And if you’re sick of all the thinking, we’ve got step-by-step solutions and pictures to help you get through the worst bits below.

The Spiral is the dark aftermath of an ugly break-up, and you’re left wandering a very different location. You’re no longer stuck in the Maquette. Now you’re exploring the massive floating ruins surrounding the nested model. The puzzles get pretty strange here — and the rules are breaking down. Each puzzle has a very specific solution. So make sure to follow these steps exactly if you’re struggling.

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The Spiral | Puzzle Solutions Guide

Welcome to the vast void. Walking through the cavern, you’ll reach a huge cavernous chamber with floating walkways. Flip the switches to make bridges appear — after flipping the second switch, you’ll see a section of the bridge is missing.

  • How To Cross The Broken Bridge
    • At the second bridge switch, take the right path to find a model of the void.
    • Pick up the tiny [Bridge Section] and place it on the broken bridge in the model. This will restore the full-size bridge.
    • Before leaving the model, look at the last platform. There’s a tiny switch. Push the switch here to create the last bridge.

Backtrack to the second switch and take the left path. Enter the Maquette and you’ll be stopped by a tall wall that’s seemingly impassable.

  • Reach The Top Of The Tall Wall
    • When you reach a very high wall ledge, look in the right room. There are three [Pillar] pieces you can collect. And next to those pieces is an identical wall section… only smaller.
    • Place the three [Pillar] pieces to create a stairway up. Place two diagonal pieces and use the third to connect the two. Use the screenshot for the exact placement.

It’s possible to solve this puzzle with just two pieces! See if you can pull it off. Ahead, you’ll find a [Key] — but it doesn’t fit the lock. We’ll have to make it the perfect size.

Once you reach the giant [Key], you’ll find a Lock and a large Key Mold. To check and see if your key is the correct size, place the key in the mold — if it fits, you’ve got the right size.

This is actually a trick puzzle. There are three [Key] platforms that change the size of the [Key] when place — but none of them are correct.

  • Resizing Key Puzzle
    • To get the correct solution, place the [Giant Key] on the medium platform — large enough that the key is on the edge and leaning into the center.
    • You can generate the [Giant Key] by collecting the [Small Key] and placing it on the medium platform. Then go to the giant platform to get your [Giant Key].
    • Place the [Giant Key] as shown in the screenshot — creating a ramp up to the ledge of the model platform.
    • Use the [Giant Key] like a ramp, and you’ll find the fourth size platform up on the hidden ledge.
    • Place the [4th Key Size] on the medium platform two more times — cycling back to the hidden fourth platform location until it’s the perfect size.

Now that’s a devious puzzle. And there’s another puzzle ahead.

There are two models and two [Tetris Bridge Blocks] in the room. There is a [White Block] and a [Black Block]. Black only works when placed on black models, and white only works on white models.

  • Tetris Bridge Puzzle
    • Place the two blocks on the corresponding colors to create a bridge in the room ahead. There’s a trick — there’s a second room with vertical panels, so you need to place the bricks in the exact correct locations to reach the cracked wall at the end.
    • Place each block at the exact locations shown in the screenshot to create bridges across both pits.

This tricky puzzle leads to the shattered crystal at the heart of the Maquette. Once you align the two towers to create a bridge across the gap, you’ll be able to enter the cracked wall and exit this stage.