Maquette: Walkthrough & Puzzle Solutions Guide | Pt. 1 – The Maquette

Maquette is a mind-bending new puzzler from publisher Annapurna Interactive, telling the story of a crumbling relationship through a very strange lenses. You’ll explore past memories in a strange dome structure, with nested worlds generating an infinite loop. Every environment you enter has another smaller environment inside that you can manipulate. Just describing it doesn’t make sense, so we’ll have to show you how to solve these puzzles through pictures.

The puzzles are truly mind-bending, and you’ll have to use objects in ways you might not consider the first time through. Depending on how you place objects, they can be tiny, large, or spectacularly gargantuan. You’ll have to use mundane objects to create pathways across gaps, or use the tiny model to unlock hidden passageways. If you ever get stuck, we’ve got all the answers for this puzzle game below.

Maquette is currently free on the PS5 — so grab it while it’s still available in March.

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The Maquette | Puzzle Solutions Guide

After completing the short Gardens intro stage, we’ve now entered the Maquette proper. Go to the castle house with the open bridge, and the shield will disappear around the center dome — which is a smaller version of dome we’re already inside.

  • Red Block Puzzle
    • Go to the model dome and pick up the big [Red Block] that’s blocking the way to the tower. Moving the model version of the red block will also move it in the full-sized world.

Now the path is open. But you’ll need to reach the opposite side of the missing bridge in the tower courtyard.

  • Tower Courtyard Puzzle
    • Drop down to the lower floor of the tower courtyard to find the [Model Bridge].
    • Use the elevator to return to the model dome and place the [Model Bridge] on the gap.

Now you can cross over and use the elevator to collect the [Metal Ticket].

  • Ticket Booth Puzzle
    • Drop the [Metal Ticket] on the ground anywhere in the Maquette courtyard.
    • Then go to the model and you’ll find a [Tiny Metal Ticket] where you left the [Metal Ticket]. Mind-bending!
    • Use the [Tiny Metal Ticket] on the ticket booth to unlock the door.

There doesn’t seem to be anything in the County Fair area — but look carefully.

  • County Fair Wall Puzzle
    • The County Fair looks empty. To find your way, return to the model and look behind the wall with the white writing that appears — there’s machinery with a switch. Use it to lower the secret wall.
    • The path leads to the [Metal Key].

Grab the [Metal Key] and use it on the last of the four doors in the courtyard. It leads to another courtyard with a huge missing bridge.

  • Missing Bridge Courtyard Puzzle
    • You might think you need the [Red Block] to solve this — but not. Get the [Metal Key] from the lock we just opened.
    • Place the [Metal Key] on the large gap in the model courtyard to create a bridge. Clever!

Find the secret spot, and the world will change — the castle becomes a more humble purple home.

Once again, we’ll have to reach our “castle” — and we can use the [Metal Key] again to make a bridge. Except, we need the key to unlock the door.

  • Purple House Key Puzzle
    • The purple house is locked. We need the [Metal Key] to reach it, but you also need the key to unlock the door.
    • To unlock the door, place the [Metal Key] anywhere in the courtyard, then collect the (tiny) version from the model. Use the [Small Metal Key] on the model purple house door to unlock it.
    • Now you can take the key back, re-enlarge it, and use the [Metal Key] to make a bridge to the unlocked purple house.

Unlocking the door will complete the level. Things get a little trickier in the next level — The Gateways.