Maquette: Walkthrough & Puzzle Solutions Guide | Pt. 6 – The Exchange

We’ve reached the final level of Maquette. While it isn’t a return to the puzzles from the first few chapters, it does have some of that exploratory charm. You’re back inside the Maquette dome, but you won’t be manipulating items or dragging around keys. Instead, you’ll have to use the Maquette itself to solve puzzles. It’s pretty mind-blowing.

This stage drops you into a strange land with five towers. You’ll need to enter the four towers and touch the glowing objects inside to repair the crystals above. Once all the crystals are repaired, you’ll be able to complete the game and watch the credits roll. There’s still some challenges left — now that you know how to solve all the puzzles, why not go for some of the speedrun completion trophies?

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The Exchange | Puzzle Solutions Guide

This level gets weird right from the start. You can’t collect the [Maquette] in the center, but you can pick it up with the placement button. Pick it up and the stones surrounding your area will disappear, allowing you to explore the many structures inside.

Go to the Garden Tower with the huge set of stairs and flip the switch in the cage. This unlocks the White Tower. Go into the White Tower, touch the owl, and another switch will spawn. The switch is on a timer — so you’ll have to reach the Red Tower fast.

  • White Tower Timer Switch Puzzle
    • To reach the Red Tower faster, you’ll need to utilize the [Maquette]. Move it close to the White Tower, then flip the switch.
    • Run to the [Maquette], pick it up, and move it closer to the Red Tower on the model. It will rapidly move you across the map.
    • Moving the model to speed up your movement, you can now reach the Red Tower before the timer is up.

Inside the Red Tower, touch the crystal and leave. A new platform will spawn in the area near the White Tower. Approach it inside the dome, and stand on the platform for the smaller version of the mechanism to light up. Match the colors / shapes to the parallel matching colors / shapes to solve this simple puzzle. The next version won’t be so easy.

  • Color / Shape Tower Puzzle
    • When the 5-tiered tower appears, go inside the dome and stand on the platform to activate the tower. Your goal is to match the colors / shape with each matching color / shape on the tiers.
    • After completing the first puzzle, a second puzzle will appear. The little floating rocks with the clues you need hide behind the tower. To see them, you need to move the [Maquette]. You can move it while standing on the platform!
    • The colors for the second puzzle are in this order, from top to bottom: blue, green, orange, red, purple.

Complete the second puzzle to unlock the Purple Tower. Like the others, go inside and touch the glowing object. The Green Tower is your next objective. The door is open, but the stairs are too steep to reach the glowing item.

  • Green Tower Stairs Puzzle
    • Large rocks have appeared all around the Green Tower. Enter the dome, and move the [Maquette]. Place it on the ramp rock to make the entire area slanted.
    • Place the [Maquette] so the Green Tower is slanted upwards. If correctly placed, you’ll be able to go inside and find that the stairs aren’t nearly as steep.

Climb the stairs and touch the next object. With all the crystals restored, return to the Garden Tower. Approach the tree and you’ll complete the stage — and the game!