Maquette: Walkthrough & Puzzle Solutions Guide | Pt. 4 – The Escape

The shortest chapter of the game drops your characters into an insurmountable maze, shrinking you down to the size of a speck as you explore the vast expanses beyond your normal Maquette play area. The puzzles here are pretty straightforward, and you’ll only need a single item to make it through the maze — a Crystal Ball that shows you how to progress.

And you still might be confused. This is the most linear level in the game so far, but the next two stages are packed with more mind-bendingly difficult puzzles. Some of the most difficult puzzles are coming up next, so maybe it’s nice just to take a breather and navigate a maze. Just don’t let the depressing story get to you too much as you work your way through the stone passages.

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The Escape | Puzzle Solutions Guide

Only one direction to go — enter the Neighborhood quadrant and just keep walking. The area will change and twist as you walk through it all, but there’s only one direction to go. Eventually you’ll reach an elevator going down. Take the elevator and you’ll reach your first puzzle.

  • How To Solve The Stone Maze
    • Collect the [Crystal Ball] off the ground and look at the ground with it. You’ll see yellow footsteps when looking through the ball.
    • Follow the yellow footsteps and the wall blocking your way will disappear.

Continue to follow the yellow footsteps — if they reach a wall, it might disappear if you look through the [Crystal Ball]. Eventually, you’ll reach forks in the road. Don’t be fooled and run down the wrong direction. Use the [Crystal Ball] to see which way you need to go.

The footsteps will lead you to a bright crack in the wall. Get inside to complete this short chapter.