Maquette: Walkthrough & Puzzle Solutions Guide | Pt. 3 – The Wedge

You’ll have to think outside-the-box to solve the deviously creative puzzles in Pt. 3 of Maquette. The Wedge introduces a third dimension to your environment, and you’ll have to use it extensively to figure out how to cross over into each area. You’ll be stuck with a single set of stairs, and you’ll have to use those stairs to their fullest to overcome the obstacles before you.

There are some pretty wild puzzles here — and one includes taking a very close look at the stairs object and learning how you can use it in creative new ways. If you’re stuck, we’ve got full explanations for each puzzle and pictures to make sense of it all.

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The Wedge | Puzzle Solutions Guide

Things are getting weirder now. Enter the Row Houses area — the door will open for you — and ride the elevator in the back down. You’re now in the larger exterior Marquette! Enter the same house we entered before, and the model house is now large enough for you to go inside.

Use the rake and the rocks / potted plants to climb the stairs. Once you’re inside, grab the [Metal Stairs] and make your way back to the center Marquette.

  • Entering The Gated Green House
    • Place the [Metal Stairs] near the broken section of gate outside the Green Cabins. Use the stairs to jump the broken gate and you’ll be able to enter the open door.
    • Flip both switches inside the Green Cabins area to lower the gate and open all the doors. You can now access the Exterior Maquette through the back stairs.
    • Grab the [Small Metal Stairs] from the model, and place them inside the gated house yard — place it at the front door so you can reach it!
    • Go through the back of the Green Cabins to reach the Exterior Maquette. Go through the lower gate bars, and use the stairs you placed earlier to enter the house.

Inside the cabin, hop up the pipes to get on the chair and flip the red switch. You’ll see smoke coming from a house in Purple Houses area.

  • How To Reach The Smoking House
    • Place the full-sized [Metal Stairs] on the exterior of the Purple Houses quadrant — place them on the model, then use the corner elevators to ride down. You can use the giant stairs to reach the buildings behind the gate.

Once you’re inside, flip both switches to lower the gates. Grab the [Metal Stairs] and use them to reach the house with the smoke coming from the chimney. But — there’s nothing inside except a tiny mouse house. You’ll have to enter the giant version of this house in the outer maquette.

Place the stairs exactly like this.
  • How To Get Inside The Giant Smoking House
    • Use the [Metal Stairs] and place them sideways against the raised door. You’ll see that the normal ramp doesn’t reach — but the bannister does.
    • Look carefully at the [Metal Stairs]. There’s a smaller inner ramp you can use to reach the lower ledge of the raised-up house.
    • Use the picture for reference. Place the normal-sized [Metal Stairs] in the exterior maquette (giant world) and walk along the inner ramp of the [Metal Stairs] item.
    • The inner ramp will take you to the lower ledge. Use this to walk on the bannister of the [Metal Stairs]. Go up and you’ll be able to enter the house.

Now you can enter the giant house and access the mouse hole. Inside, you’ll find the [Key] on a mouse trap. Grab it and return to the normal-sized White Church to unlock the front door.

The church bell rings. But you can’t reach it! We’ll have to reach it another way.

  • How To Get The Ringing Bell
    • Make the [Metal Stairs] to full-size and place it on the White Church model.
    • Now you can walk up the large [Metal Stairs] on the model itself to reach the model bell.

Interacting with the model bell completes the level.