Maquette: Walkthrough & Puzzle Solutions Guide | Pt. 2 – The Gateways

The Gateways is the second level of Maquette, and it’s when the systems get a lot more complicated. You’ll have to manipulate different colorful crystals to break barriers and get through forcefields — and none of it works exactly how you might expect. You’ll have to shrink items to place on the tiny model, then use the environment to roll (or drop) your gems into new locations.

There’s a lot less bridge-building this time around. You’re stuck with basically a set of different gems to work with, and the puzzles can get pretty devious — especially when you’re forced to look at your entire environment in an entirely new perspective. One that you might not have imagined was possible. Let’s go cracking the different houses and complete this challenging stage.

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The Gateways | Puzzle Solutions Guide

Welcome to The Gateways! We start the stage trapped inside a sandy front yard. Go behind the house and collect the [Red Gem] and hold it out near the matching red crystal to unlock the first door.

Carry the Red Gem to get inside.
  • How To Get The Blue Gem
    • We just used the [Red Gem] to unlock the first door. Now you need to get the [Blue Gem]. It’s located in the Red House.
    • Hold the [Red Gem] to make the red forcefield disappear. You can walk through it, but only when holding the [Red Gem].
    • Go inside the castle, and use the switch on the second floor. Now place the [Blue Gem] in the exterior courtyard.
    • Now you can grab the [Blue Gem] from the model version.
Leave the Blue Gem outside where you can grab it later.

Now that we have the [Blue Gem], we can explore the Blue House. Inside, you’ll find a red forcefield — but you can’t put down a gem while going through a forcefield. You’ll need to find a better way to reach the [Green Gem].

  • How To Get The Green Gem
    • Collect the [Small Red Gem] by shrinking it (collecting the smaller version from the model) and place it on the ramp located behind the tower of the Blue House.
    • Go collect the [Blue Gem] and hold it near the ramp so the [Small Red Gem] rolls inside the Blue House.
    • Now you can enter the Blue House with the [Blue Gem], use the [Red Gem] to reach the inner chamber, and collect the [Green Gem]!

Use the switch inside the [Green Gem] chamber. Now we can enter the Green House.

  • How To Get Inside The Green House
    • We’re going to use a similar trick to the previous puzzle. Place the [Small Red Gem] on the green forcefield of the Green House model. It’s right above the front door.
    • Stand close to the green forcefield on the model to make the [Small Red Gem] fall inside the Green House.
    • Now we can enter the Green House with the [Green Gem], using the [Red Gem] to go inside.

Now that we’re in the Green House, use the switch on the door down the stairs to unlock an optional exit, and take note of the [Big Metal Key].

  • The Metal Key Puzzle
    • Grab the [Big Metal Key] then find the furthest back room of the Green House. There’s a clover-shaped window. Hold out the key and drop it outside the window. Now you can collect the [Small Metal Key] from the model.
    • Now we need to make the key big again. Place the [Small Metal Key] anywhere in the model, and pick up the larger version.
    • Take the [Big Metal Key] and use it on the Yellow House front door.

Now we can access the Yellow House. The front door is unlocked! Go back and collect the [Green Gem] to look around inside. But, there’s a red forcefield keeping us out.

  • How To Get Inside The Yellow House
    • Go back to the Green House and collect the [Red Gem], leaving it in the yard by exiting through the side-door. To get the [Green Gem], pick it up through the metal windows on the left / right.
    • Collect the [Small Red Gem] from the model, and drop it through the open window of the Yellow House model to the left of the front door.
    • Now you can go inside with the [Green Gem] and [Red Gem].

Use the switch inside the Yellow House and the cage with the [Metal Cog] will unlock. Grab it, and approach the model — a huge wall will appear.

  • How To Get Through The Giant Wall
    • Grab the [Red Gem].
    • Return to the bridge that appeared in the Yellow House yard. There’s a missing section of railing — from here, jump to the long rock, then jump over the edge of the enclosure!
    • You’re now in an even larger area of the Marquette. Go to the red crystal and destroy it by moving the [Red Gem] close.

Once you clear the giant wall, return to your normal-sized Marquette environment with one of the four elevators on the four sides.

Collect the [Metal Gear] and stick it into the back of the Yellow House model. That’s all it takes to complete the level! Next up is The Wedge.