Hitman 3: Don’t Miss These Secret Mission Stories | Hidden Opportunity Locations

Mission Stories are guided paths through the levels of Hitman 3, but the third game in the rebooted series adds something we didn’t see coming — there are hidden Mission Stories that unlock in your Challenges list if you manage to discover them. Not all of these interactive methods are “Mission Stories” that appear on the list, but they all are mini-stories that give you special access, or change the way your targets interact with the world.

We’re going to try to list all of the weird little things you can do that aren’t listed anywhere in-game. Some of these interactions are amazing — one allows you to draw all your enemies together in Berlin for a showdown for example. They’re clever, surprising, and totally undocumented. Here’s all the weird little secret Mission Stories we’ve found so far.

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Secret Mission Stories | Locations Guide

There are secret Mission Stories and opportunities in every level that aren’t documented under the normal Mission Story list. To find and activate them, you’ll need to perform specific actions in the level.

Dubai: Activate The Evacuation Procedure

This hilarious method allows you to trick both targets into jumping off the side of the building in parachutes — giving you an easy method to shoot them both down. To activate the Evacuation, you need to follow these steps.

  • Collect both Evacuation Keycards. There is a keycard in two Security Room safes — Security Room (Level 2) and Security Room (Level 3).
    • The passcode is 6-2-9-7.
  • After collecting both Keycards, go to the Penthouse and find the keycard readers. There is one keycard reader in the Study (Level 4) and one in the central room (Level 5).
  • Once activated, the targets will retreat to the Outdoor Area.

Berlin: The Club Manager Meeting

This awesome secret story lures several of the ICA Agent targets into a showdown. To do it, you need to put on a disguise and follow these steps.

  • Go to Hirschmuller’s Office (Level -2) and subdue him to take his disguise.
  • Use the telephone in the office and sit down. The ICA Agent Leader will approach — and bring several other ICA Agents with him. As many as 4/5 depending on how long you wait.
  • When you’re ready, you can choose to kick down the desk to momentarily stun everyone in the room. You can use the desk for cover and collect the shotgun hidden underneath.

Chongqing: Disable The Satellite Dish

This is a simple mission story that draws both Hush and Royce out of their guarded fortresses. All you have to do is sabotage a single device.

  • Go to the Northeastern Rooftop (Level 4) and open the locked gate with a crowbar.
    • You can get a crowbar in the alley next to the Onelectrics Store.
  • Disable the Satellite Uplink in the fenced area. This disables computers in both areas of the map. Hush will walk outside with his guard, making him much easier to eliminate.

Mendoza: The Junior Lawyer

By replacing the Junior Lawyer, 47 can initiate a meeting with Don Yates in his villa. A perfect time to take him out.

  • Find the Junior Lawyer in the Parking Lot (Level 2) and wait for him to walk into the small garden in the center. Push him into the bushes and steal his outfit.
  • Go to the Villa Entrance and get Frisked, then talk to the guard at the front gate. He’ll escort you to the Villa Guest Room (Level 4).
  • Quickly, knock out the guard in the room and hide him in the cupboard. You have to be very fast to do this before Don Yates arrives.
  • Place the papers on the desk, and talk to Don Yates to initiate the meeting. Now you can shove his eye into the pen holder, or take him out however you want.

Mendoza: The Sniper Team

Finally, there’s one last method in Mendoza. This unique opportunity actually does unlock a fourth Mission Story slot in the menu. Weird!

  • Go to the Silo (Level 3) near the Lower Gardens, north of the Parking Lot.
  • Climb to the upper level to find a sniper team discusses their plans. This will initiate the Mission Story.
  • Go to the Lower Gardens and disguise yourself as a Gauche and collect the earpiece in the case. Use your camera to target the watermelons.
  • Find Diana and talk to her in the Tasting Room (Level 2). She’ll encourage Vidal to walk to the southern ledge.
  • Subdue all three guards, then use your camera to target Vidal and press [Triangle] to fire.

You only have until the conversation is over to knock out all three guards, but it’s relatively easy to accomplish. Hide the bodies in the tall grass planters and use thrown non-lethal weapons to easily put them down.