Pokémon Sword & Shield: Crown Tundra DLC – How To Find Easy Exp. Candy XL & L | Fast XP Guide

The Crown Tundra is a difficult location full of high level Pokemon — and the Legendary Pokemon you’ll find all over the place are even higher level than normal. You’ll need to be at least level 70 to handle some of these tough customers, and the kingly new Legendary Calyrex is level 80! You’ll need to do a lot of XP grinding to match his level.

Or you can take another route and collect Exp. Candy. The Crown Tundra gives you easy access to Exp. Candy L and XL — the two biggest Exp. items. You’ll get 10,000 and 30,000 respectively for each, and they’re worth tracking down to give yourself an edge against the tough opponents you’ll face in the tundra.

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How To Find Easy Exp. Candy XL & L | Fast XP Guide

Go to the Dynamax Adventures cave in the Crown Tundra and talk to the vendor on the right to trade Dynite Ore for items.

The Dynite Ore vendor sells Exp. Candy XL for x3 Dynite Ore. Eaxh Exp. Candy XL gives you 30,000 Exp — that’s enough to level up well into Lvl. 90+.

  • If you want to spread out the XP to more Pokemon, you can also purchase Exp. Candy L for x1 Dynite Ore. These give 10,000 Exp.

To earn Dynite Ore, just complete Dynamax Adventures — you’ll always earn the minimum of x3 Dynite Ore just for attempting an adventure. If you complete the adventure by capturing the Pokemon at the end, or join an online game, you can earn even more Dynite Ore.

You can also stock up on tons of free Exp. Candy L by visiting the Path to the Peak. The forested area before the ruined temple is packed for Exp. Candy L — look for the shiny item drops near the trees. When the area is refreshed, pick through it and you’ll be shocked by how many free Exp. Candy L’s you’ll find.

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