10 Weirdest Secret Enemies We Just Had To Find (& Defeat)

Secret bosses are a dime-a-dozen in video games, but secret enemies? That’s one secret you won’t see every day. Only truly special video games feature enemies once. Same goes for enemies that are hidden and hard to find.

These are the weird Easter egg monsters and inexplicable enemies we just had to track down. Sometimes defeating these super-secret bad guys gives us a cool reward. And sometimes we just have to do it because that’s the way the video game world works.

The secret enemies on this list come from a pretty wide variety of games, but you’ll find these types most often in games with hidden areas. Metroidvanias, Rogue-likes, and Soulsborne games have the most instances of completely obscure stuff — we’ve also got RPGs, FPSs, and action games thrown into the weird enemy mix. Some of these enemies are scary, some of them are hilarious, but they’re all incredibly weird.

Crack your knuckles and prepare to give these weird enemies a beatdown. And while we’re talking about enemies, why not check out our list of 10 most annoying enemies we just wanted to avoid.

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The living vending machine attacks!

Altered Vending Machine [Control: AWE DLC]

The Altered Vending Machine is the monster that inspired this very niche list. Found in the new AWE DLC for Control, there’s a very secretive monster hiding in plain sight. Any of the vending machines have a chance at being a weird vending machine monster — if you shoot the right one, it jumps to life and flees the scene. Shooting it causes loads of useful loot to pop out. Blowing it up gives you even more awesome rewards.

This is one of those enemies that’s obviously useful at a glance. They drop tons of currency, weapon mods, and materials — and you can find multiples of them! But there’s also no hint that they exist in the game at all. The only clue comes in a note that details an Altered Vending Machine that basically grants wishes. That might be awesome, but it doesn’t tell you to shoot every rectangle-shaped automotive device in hopes of finding a living glowing-red vending machine that’s full of prizes.

Nothing else like this exists in the game, and you can easily complete the DLC without encountering them. That makes these one of the rarest and weirdest enemies in any video games.

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Demon #044 [Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night]

After playing through all of Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, I noticed that one of the entries on the in-game demon compendium was still empty. Where was this final demon? That’s a question many of us asked, and those willing to explore a little deeper in the game will find an extremely weird monster that we just had to defeat — it’s the principle of the thing!

Found on the train area, there’s a single window you can interact with. Looking out the window doesn’t seem to have any purpose at all. I know I found this window, but I didn’t realize there was more than just a view waiting for me. If you stand and wait for many minutes, a monster will jump-scare you and appear. It instantly gives you curse if you’re in it’s line-of-sight, or if you’re just near it. Curse is like an extremely powerful status effect that kills you very quickly.

Summoning this thing is a pain, and killing it is an even bigger pain. Those are the lengths we go for 100% completion.

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