Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom: How To Enter A Secret, Glitchy 8-Bit Realm | Easter Egg Guide

With all the massive, big-budget games releasing this holiday season, you might’ve missed out on Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom, and adventurous platformer where you unlock different animal forms to solve puzzles and traverse a huge, explorable environment. It’s a cute, charming game — and it has one massive, creative secret at the center of it all.

In the center of the main village, players will very quickly notice a well that’s been plugged up. It’s seemingly impossible to open, even if you’ve finished all the challenges in the game. Well, now we know how to pop this plug, and it’s impressively elaborate. It all leads to an awesome 8-bit Easter egg, where you’ll fight through old-school enemies, and defeat a glitched loading screen for your troubles. Learn all about the Easter egg, and all the steps you need to take to solve it, in the full guide below.

How To Enter A Secret, Glitchy 8-Bit Realm | Easter Egg Guide

To find this ridiculous Easter egg zone, players need to complete a series of complicated puzzles with no in-game hints at all. The only clue that’s readily apparent is that there’s a huge plugged-up well in the central village of the game. Even after finishing the story, that well is still plugged. Pretty suspicious, right?

Let’s break down the steps to actually enter the Easter egg room first. There are three puzzles that need to be solved.


Step #1: Flip 5 Hidden Switches

To begin this quest, start by searching out 5 hidden switches in the Village of Lupia. You can hit these switches in any order.

  • Switch #1: Above the Sanctuary door, in the upper-right corner.
  • Switch #2: To the right of Ollie. Swap to Pig Form and sniff out the hidden switch, to the left of the fountain.
  • Switch #3: At the Blacksmith building (red roof) attack the box that’s in the foreground. There’s a switch hidden behind it.
  • Switch #4: On the roof of the Inn building (blue roof) — stand on the lower roof, and attack the taller roof (right side), to the right of the Inn sign.
  • Switch #5: Find the last switch on the wooden scaffolding to the left of the windmill. Sniff out the secret switch in Pig Form.

Once all five switches are flipped, a special dial will appear on the tower beside the warp portal.

Step #2: Turn The Tower Dial

Find the new special dial that appears on the tower behind the warp portal. You can turn it with your tongue in Frog Form. You’ll need to rotate the dial like a locker. Here’s the exact order.

  • Turn The Dial: Left (1), Right (2), Left (2), Right (1), Left (2), Right (1), Left (1), Right (2), Left (1)

Turn the dial correctly, and the corked well will pop open.

Step #3: Light The Fires

Now you can drop into the well and discover one final puzzle. There are multiple unlit braziers inside — sniff with Pig Form to discover a hidden clock. The clock in the Village will point to five numbers; that’s your clue. The numbers point to the order you need to light the braziers with fire magic.

  • Light The Braziers (In Order From Left-To-Right): 3, 1, 4, 2, 5

Light the braziers in this order, and the door will open.

Step #4: Enter The Glitchy 8-Bit Realm

The room ahead is dim, the only illumination is the bright light of a television connected to an old-school console. It looks a little bit like an Atari — try using it, and you’ll enter a very, very weird world.

Use the console and you’ll enter a glitched-out area with a warning message, stating that something has gone wrong. After a few moments, you’ll appear inside the warning message, where you’ll be able to smash through all the text — in all five different languages. Destroy all the text to enter a Mega Man / Zelda 2 retro adventure, with hearts and gold meter at the top of the screen.

Defeat the robo-dragon boss (by attacking the head) and you’ll earn an extremely hard-to-find Heart Piece! What a weird little Easter egg, and all that effort for just a Heart Piece.

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