10 Most Annoying Enemies In Video Games That We Just Wanted To Avoid

Enemies in games are designed to give us a challenge to overcome. But sometimes those enemies aren’t challenging — they’re just flat-out annoying. The most annoying enemies in games slow down our progress, infect us with negative status, or just give us a headache because they’re flat-out no fun to fight. Today, we’re taking a hard look at the most annoying enemies in video games. The kinds of creatures that we just wanted to ignore.

This is less about the hardest enemies in games. Hard enemies and annoying enemies sometimes overlap, like those Marauders from the new Doom: Eternal game. Those guys are both annoying and hard, but they don’t really fit the spirit of this list. Many of the enemies here are actually pretty easy, but there’s no simple way to deal with them, or they appear so often, or are just out of reach, you can’t just destroy them easily. The worst bad guys are the ones we don’t even want to deal with.

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Winter Lantern Kills Just By Looking At You [Bloodborne]

Here’s an enemy we didn’t just want to avoid, we had to avoid — if you’re standing anywhere they can see, you’ll build up a ‘Frenzy‘ meter and take huge damage. As you can see, their bulbous head is covered in eyes, so no matter what angle you attack from, they will see you.

It isn’t like there’s just one of these guys either. You’ll have to deal with multiple in a row as they patrol the Nightmare Frontier. The only way to avoid killing yourself is by scarfing down Sedative, a rare curative you probably never used before encountering these terrifying monsters.

And what makes this all worse? There’s an even bigger version of this creature that spreads its gaze across the entire Nightmare of Mensis zone. Standing anywhere this lighthouse-sized beacon can see you does damage.

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Those Damn Moths [Resident Evil: Code Veronica]

The moths are the bane of any Resident Evil: Code Veronica player’s existence. These hard-to-hit enemies start appearing in the Arctic Base section, a new area where you’ll be lost and confused. Even worse, they only spawn in a single hallway — a hallway you’ll have to pass through multiple times.

And even worse? They can poison you. In the original version of the game, you only have a limited supply of blue herbs, so if you passed through the moth hallway too many times (yes, they always respawn) and got poisoned, you could easily make the game impossible to win.

Even in the updated versions where you’ll find more blue herbs, this is still the most annoying part of the game — and that’s saying a lot in a game that’s full of annoyance like Code Veronica.

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