Blasphemous: How To Access 5 New Bosses & All Donation Box Rewards | New Features Guide

The free ‘Stir of Dawn’ update for Blasphemous is available now, and adds a load of new improvements to this already excellent Metroidvania. You’ll find enhancements to the map, a New Game+ mode, torments to challenge yourself, and executions for even more enemies.

On top of all that, you’ll find more animations for bad guys, new details on every map, and a generally smoother experience than the original. If you didn’t play the original at launch, this is the time to give this haunting game a try.

The feature I’m most interested in is the new questline. This story unlocks access to five totally new boss fights — a pretty huge number — and these foes promise to be harder than anything else you’ve encountered. If you’re unsure how to locate these guys, we’ll provide the clues you need in the full guide below.

In addition to five bosses, you’ll also find a donation box. This new donation box allows you to donate your earnings for rewards — as a bonus, I’ll list all the rewards you can get from the donation box below.

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How To Access 5 New Bosses

To find 5 new boss battles in Blasphemous, you’ll need to unlock a special questline and follow the instructions. The questline is found in the Mountains of Endless Dusk and can be reached with the Linen of Golden Thread.

The ‘Stir of Dawn‘ quest is only available in the ‘True Torment‘ mode. This special NG+ mode is only unlocked after completing the game once and restarting. The game is remixed and more difficult on True Torment, so be prepared for a challenge just to reach the quest.

Donation Box Rewards

In addition to the bosses, there is a new Donation Box that gives you rewards once you donate certain amounts. Here’s a quick list of everything you can unlock from the Donation Box.

  • 5,000: Rosary Bead
  • 10,000: Clear Guilt with the Donation Box
  • 20,000: Unlocks Altar Fast-Travel
  • 30,000: Resting at Altars Gives Max Fervor
  • 50,000: Rosary Bead
  • 100,000: New Skin

Some of these upgrades are very useful. Once you spend 100,000 you’ll no longer be able to access the Donation Box. That’s the maximum donation you can make.