Blasphemous: How To Get All 5 Progression Upgrades & Movement Abilities | Blood Sand, Roots & Poison & More

Movement powers are an important part of every Metroidvania, but the strange progression abilities in Blasphemous are completely optional. You don’t need them to reach the end of the game — but you do need them to unlock the many upgrades and items that make the final boss fights much easier. If you’re struggling, lost, or just want to find more secrets, you’ll need these progression upgrades.

Instead of standard abilities like double-jumps, flight, or wall-climbing, you’ll get bizarre abilities that are summon blood sand platforms or make roots grow. There are five progression upgrades you can unlock, which make movement much easier, and allow you to access rooms you can’t normally reach.

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How To Get Blood Perpetuated In Sand (Double Jump)

To ‘double jump’, or create blood sand platforms in areas with red glowing spots, you’ll need to collect the Blood Perpetuated In Sand. Purchase the Key to the Chamber of the Eldest Brother from the vendor in Mercy Dreams.

The key unlocks a door in the Brotherhood of Silent Sorrow. Inside, you’ll find the relic you need.

How To Get The Three Gnarled Tongues (Root Ladder)

Travel to the very bottom of the Grievance Ascends to find a giant, strange ball of hair. Place three items on three offering plates to summon Altagracias.

  • Grievance Ascends Offerings:
    • Black Grieving Veil
    • Torn Bridal Ribbon
    • Melted Gold Coins

Altagracias will give you the Egg of Deformity. Take the item and place it in the massive gnarled tree in the Mountains of Endless Dusk. Place the egg in the tree, leave, then return to get the Hatched Egg of Deformity.

Go to Albero, the town in the center of the map, and interact with the fountain. Talk to the Blessed Lord of the Salty Shores and give him the Hatched Egg of Deformity. He’ll give you the Three Gnarled Tongues.

This artifact lets you summon a ladder from strange root areas, helping you access some of the hardest-to-find items in the game.

How To Get The Silver Lung of Dolphos (Poison Immunity)

Found in a tall, difficult platforming challenge room in Grievance Ascends. Finding this item allows you to travel safely through poison gas. Access Grievance Ascends from the bottom of Jondo, the giant upside-down bell.

How To Get The Linen of Golden Thread (Bottomless Pit Protection)

In the grand cathedral, the Mother of Mothers, find the Sleeping Canvases area and find a room left of the boss. There’s a secret wall you can smash here — inside, there’s a child you can talk to.

If you find about 20~ Cherub collectibles, the character will give you the Linen of Golden Thread, which allows you to fall through bottomless pits without dying.

How To Get The Nail Uprooted From Dirt (Ignore Water / Mud)

To eventually get the Nail Uprooted From Dirt, you need to complete Redento’s quest — he’s the bearded old man you’ll need to help. There are many locations he’ll appear, and he’ll give you an item every time you complete a step of his quest.

  • Redento’s Quest Locations:
    • Mountains of Endless Dusk – Help him cross the Jondo pit.
    • Brotherhood of Silent Sorrow – Basement, solve the maze.
    • Wasteland of the Buried Churches – Knock down the logs to make a path. Near the path to the Bridge of the Three Cavalries.
    • Patio of the Silent Steps – Right outside the cathedral door. Clear the enemy to let him in.
    • Mother of Mothers: In the far back, he’s at the bowing statue. Wear all three Rosary Beads he’s given you.

Redento will give you the Fourth Toe Made of Limestome, the Little Toe Made of Limestone, and the Big Toe Made of Limestone. Wear all three in the last location, and a secret door will unlock. Then you’ll get the final movement ability.