Blasphemous: How To Get The True Ending | ‘Ending A’ Guide

If you want to experience the true ending of Blasphemous, you’ll have to do more than just beat the final boss. In the grand tradition of Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, and more hardcore singleplayer video games with lots of exploration, it isn’t enough to simply complete a game. You’ll have to discover the secrets keeping you from truly finishing the game — and the secrets are staring right at you for most of the game. And they’re incredibly easy to miss.

To help you get the ‘good’ ending, just scroll down to get our complete true ending guide. Once you know the secret, it doesn’t take a whole lot of explaining — it might take you awhile to finish though. Beating the various challenges requires lots of skill. Thankfully, you can finish the game and easily go back for the second ending.

Blasphemous is an even darker Dark Souls; a spooky side-scrolling metroidvania with difficult gameplay elements in the vein of the Soulsborne series. There are massive bosses to defeat, and a creepy streak of religious-tinged lore designed specifically to weird us out. The bad ending is also abruptly bleak, so it’s nice to see an alternate version of events. Learn how it all works in the full guide below.

How To Get The True Ending | ‘Ending A’ Guide

Before we continue, it’s important to know that you can get the ‘Bad’ Ending and the ‘Good’ Ending in the same playthrough. After the ‘Bad’ ending, you can reload your save file and continue where you left off. That means you can get the bad ending, then complete all the steps to unlock the good ending without restarting the game from the beginning.

This is important to know for a reason — you’ll have to destroy all the statues that remove your guilt for a price. I recommend waiting until you’ve completed almost everything before taking on this step.

With that out of the way, let’s go through the steps to get the True Ending.

Step #1: Transform The Immaculate Bead Into The Weight Of True Guilt

The Immaculate Bead is a rosary bead you can equip that absorbs guilt when you die. The bead is located in the Brotherhood of Silent Sorrows area, near one of the guilt absolving statues.

Collect it, equip it, then die three times. Each time you die, the Immaculate Bead will change forms — on the third death it will become the Weight of True Guilt.

Step #2: Destroy The Guilt Absolving Statues & Complete The Dream Challenges

Around the map, you’ll find statues that absolve your guilt for a price. Basically, these statues are used to circumvent having to recollect your corpse location. Instead of using them, you need to destroy them — smashing the statues reveals a red circle on the ground.

Equip the Weight of True Guilt, and you can interact with these red circles. Each red circle is a portal into a challenge dream room. Completing the challenge will sanctify the spot — your goal is to now find every guilt statue, destroy it, and complete the red portal challenge.

Step #3: Defeat The Final Boss

Once all of the challenges are complete and all the spots are sanctified, return to the final boss and defeat it a second time to witness the true ending. If you want to be spoiled, just skip to the end of the video below.