Dark Indie Platformer Blasphemous Smashed All Kickstarter Goals

Back in January, we thought The Game Kitchen’s Blasphemous looked like a pretty promising game. The prediction held. Blasphemous hit kickstarter and hit its target funding within one day, leaving room open for multiple stretch goals. Earlier today, it finished its campaign with a massive $333,246 USD—more than six times its original goal. Some called it a 2D Dark Souls, and indeed, Blasphemous is partially inspired by the brutal RPG series.

During the campaign, it was announced that Blashpemous would be expanding its reach to consoles. The extra money also allowed the game to infuse the soundtrack with live instruments, animate the introduction and ending sequences, bring NPCs to life with voice acting and the ability for players to summon one alongside them in battle. The only stretch goal that wasn’t quite reached was Survival Mode, which would have let us fight waves of enemies in a closed dungeon. Nevertheless, it’s an impressive feat.

Blasphemous is expected to release sometime in 2019 for PC, Mac, Linux, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.