Blasphemous is a Brutal Action Platformer With Fossilised Angels

From the developers behind The Last Door comes a 2D platformer called Blasphemous, a pixel art adventure that contains unearthly beasts and ancient angel remains.

Scant details have been revealed about the game so far, other than the screenshots and gifs posted on Twitter. The main character appears to be an agile sword wielding warrior of sorts, with a cone-shaped drill attached to his head. His name, The Penitent, carries religious undertones which may or may not be connected to the game’s title.

At this stage, one could say Blasphemous bears some resemblance to gothic platformer Slain: Back from Hellminus all the gore. The few Blasphemous enemies that have been revealed thus far include wicked nuns, fierce horned bosses, and monsters with multiple limbs and mouths.

Developer The Game Kitchen is currently working on a reveal trailer for the game. You can stay up to date with the latest news on Blasphemous by signing up on the game’s website.