Carbine Studios’ MMO Wildstar to Receive Enormous Update

According to a recent tweet from the official WildStar account, Carbine Studio’s sci-fi centric MMO will be undergoing some very big changes effective January 4.

Originally released in 2014, WildStar transitioned to a free to play model to boost its player base following an underperforming monetisation model. Carbine’s Chad Moore spoke to Gameranx about the challenges of catering to veterans as well as newcomers in the F2P version of game, simplifying the stats system, and speeding up crafting.

Looking back upon Moore’s statements, Wildstar‘s latest update could include a number of things, from new zones, new group content to unique in-game events. Carbine has given fans a clue in the form of a video accompanied by the text below:

In the video, a robe clad woman with white eyes delivers a cryptic message that claims you are the only one she can trust. What do you think she’s referring to? Sound off in the comments below!