Brutal 2D Platformer Blasphemous Hits Kickstarter, is Funded Almost Instantly

Gameranx first reported on Blasphemous back in January, when precious few details other than its rich pixel art screenshots that were doing the rounds on Twitter. Developer The Game Kitchen announced a kickstarter for the game in February, and now after just one day, the project has been funded.

With an original goal of $50,000 USD, The Game Kitchen’s dark, nightmarish pixel-platformer has reached $79,796 USD (at the time of this article) thanks to more than 2,000 backers. The campaign has 27 days to go, so if the current momentum doesn’t drop it’s extremely likely that multiple stretch goals will be reached. Blasphemous rides on a core of intense action combat and ferocious boss battles. Players will control a fluidly animated rogue nomad known as The Penitent One, the last bastion of a congregation called The Silent Sorrow. Armed with faith and a trusty sword, he must journey through the lands of Orthodoxia, purifying the corrupt, slaying hellish beasts, and boost skills with relics and rosary beeds. According to The Game Kitchen, many locations in the game borrow inspiration from the city of Seville, so if you happen to be in Spain let us know if you spot any!

To secure yourself a copy of Blasphemous, you need to contribute a minimum of $20 USD. Blasphemous is expected to release in November 2018 for PC, Mac, Linux, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.