Paper Mario: The Origami King – All Sea Map Island Locations | Great Sea Secrets Guide

The Great Sea is a location that’s so huge, we couldn’t cover everything in a single walkthrough. The fourth region of Paper Mario: The Origami King gives Mario and friends access to a speedy ship to explore a vast ocean area. To complete the big puzzle, you’ll need to find multiple islands and solve the riddle of Diamond Island. It’s all very complex, but there are tons of islands you can miss entirely in this area. There are some awesome rewards waiting for you, so here’s where to find all the islands, and what you’ll find on all of them.

Some of the best locations are Hammer Island and Square Island. These are completely optional areas, but you can earn a huge cash reward for completing one, and a Legendary Hammer for completing the other. The Legendary Hammer is one of the best weapons in the entire game, and it’s very easy to miss if you don’t search every inch of the Great Sea. If you’re curious to see what’s out there, here’s a complete list of locations.

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The Great Sea Secrets

The Great Sea is an area you’ll explore after completing the Yellow Streamer location. There are eight required locations to visit — Bonehead Island, Mushroom Island, Club Island, Spade Island, Heart Island, Crescent Moon Island, and finally Sea Tower Island. We’ve got all of these locations covered on our full walkthrough here.

The other islands are completely optional — and full of useful treasures. Check out the map below for all the locations (and tons of treasures) or browse the section below.

Open your map with [L] and use the numbers / letters to find the square. Islands are pretty easily visible, so if you have the square, you’ll be able to find the island.

NOTE: After clearing the fog on Bonehead Island, you’ll be able to purchase a Ship Engine Upgrade for 5,000 Coins at the Toad Town dock.

All Island Locations | The Great Sea Map

  • Story – Required Islands:
    • Bonehead Island: G5
    • Heart Island: D4
    • Club Island: B3
    • Spade Island: D1
    • Crescent Moon Island: F3
    • Diamond Island: D3
    • Mushroom Island: E4
    • Sea Tower Island: B1
  • Optional Islands:
    • Hammer Island: A4
    • Enigmatic Island: B5
    • Square Island: C7

Exploring Square Island — Location: C7

This is a battle island where you can fight up to seven Paper Macho opponents. For beating them all, you can earn 30,000+ coins! This is a huge pay-out, but you’ll have to beat all seven in a row to earn the full amount.

Exploring Enigmatic Island — Location: B5

A mysterious island that’s full of coins and a few treasures. There’s also a Sensor Lab branch office hidden on this island.

  • Collectible Treasure: ? Block – Found on the Enigmatic “?” Island. Past the Spikeys, take the ramp down to find a hidden path under the bonus blocks.
  • Hidden Toad: Reach the top of “?” Island and use your hammer on the sign to reveal a hidden toad! He’ll give you a secret treasure location.
  • Collectible Treasure: Sea Captain Toad – Drop down from the top to find this chest.

Exploring Hammer Island — Location: A4

A fancy island with an even fancier weapon! There’s a chest here that contains the Legendary Hammer. The Legendary Hammer is the most powerful and most durable hammer in the game. It can still break, so don’t overuse it!

Grabbing the hammer spawns a load of enemies. Defeat them to clear a path back!

  • Collectible Treasure: Hammer – Found on the left platform of the Hammer Island.
  • Hidden Toad: On Hammer Island, on the central path to the Legendary Hammer chest. Hit the little holes to make a toad appear. You’ll need to pull him out!