Paper Mario: The Origami King – Best Ways To Farm For Infinite Coins | Early & Late Game Methods

Coins are kind of important in Paper Mario: The Origami King. Not only are accessories pretty expensive, but you’ll be able to use as many coins as you want on Toad Cheers and Timer Extenders during battle. You can easy spend all your coins on these helpful features if you’re not careful, so it only makes sense that you’ll need to farm coins endlessly sometimes. Thankfully, Paper Mario: The Origami King provides a few ways to earn extra coins — but they’re a little hidden.

We’ve got four methods you can use to farm coins. Some can be done early in the game, and others are only available way later — but they’re all good, simple methods for gathering up tons of coins. These aren’t exploits, and they aren’t glitches; certain coins respawn constantly for you to collect, and there’s a few good places to grab them without too much effort.

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Coin Farming Methods | Early Game & Late Game Methods

There are two great places you can farm easy coins in Paper Mario: The Origami King — but the second one, far later in the game, will earn you a truly insane amount of coins. The first one is a lot more modest, but still an easy way to farm enough coins to buy useful accessories or replacement weapons if your current hammer / boots are broken.

Method #1: Autumn Mountain / Blue Streamer Area

On the quest for the Blue Streamer, which is the second streamer in the game, you’ll arrive at a tram station on Autumn Mountain. To easily farm coins, look for a small alcove behind the tram station. There are 600 Coins here for you to collect, and they respawn infinitely. You can return / come back and grab these coins for an easy profit. Just leave the area, or use the nearby tram station to exit / re-enter. 30 minutes of farming can net you about 30,000 coins.

Method #2: Great Sea / Purple Streamer Area

There’s a section of the Great Sea where you’ll automatically encounter a large group of powerful Paper Macho enemies — defeating them all gets you 30,000+ coins. This isn’t as easily repeatable, so let’s discuss one more method.

Method #3: The River Rapids Mini-game

Eventually, you’ll unlock a River Rapids mini-game in Paper Mario: The Origami King — the more coins you collect on the rapids, the more prizes you’ll get. It’s an easy repeatable method to grab coins, and it’s worth redoing over-and-over to get all the prizes.

Method #4: Coin Step Counter Accessory

This special accessory is worth a purchase solely for the extra money you’ll earn. The item is sold for 14,000 coins — which is a pretty steep price, but you’ll earn your money back if you equip it early. For every 10,000 steps, you’ll earn 10,000 coins. It’s most useful when backtracking to previous areas and searching for collectibles / Hidden Toads.

That’s all the methods we’ve got so far for Paper Mario: The Origami King! If there are even better ways to rapidly earn coins, we’ll add them to our list here.