Paper Mario: The Origami King – How To Get More Time In Battles | Time Plus & Timer Extender Guide

Sometimes you just need a little more time in Paper Mario: The Origami King. Every battle is on a time limit, and you’ll have to solve the puzzle to properly pair each group of enemies into stacks of 1×4 or 2×2. These brain-teasers can really give your mind a workout, and they only get trickier from the start of the game.

If you’re looking for a way to make life a whole lot easier, there are two tools you’ll want to unlock ASAP. One of them is extremely easy to miss, and the other is totally optional too — if you haven’t explored every function of Toad Town, it might be a good idea for a return trip. In our quick guide below, I’ll explain how to give yourself a permanent +5 / +10 / +15 second boost to every battle. It’s worth your coins.

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How To Get More Time in Battles

From the very beginning of the game, you’ll have two ways to extend the amount of time you have for puzzle battles. By pressing [+] you can spend coins to give yourself extra time, or you can press [Y] in battle to pay your Hidden Toad crowd to throw you random power-ups. Sometimes those power-ups are bonus seconds to your timer.

The problem with both of those methods is that they kind of suck — you have to hold down the button and release before spending too much money, and you never really know how much you want to spend. It’s weird and finicky, and there is a better way.

How To Get A Permanent Time Boost

Early in the game, you can purchase an accessory called the Time Plus. This accessory is sold by the Accessory Vendor in Picnic Road — he’ll appear, but only after you save him from the Earth Vellumental Temple. After unlocking the door with the shell stones, break the rock near the ‘final’ exhibit to make origami bugs appear.

Smash all the bugs with your hammer — there are four of them or so. One of those bug Hidden Toads is the Accessory Vendor. Go back out to Picnic Road and you can purchase the Time Plus accessory for 3,000 coins. That’s a bargain for how useful this item is. It gives you a permanent +5 / +10 / +15 seconds for every battle.

There are other great accessories, but I highly recommend getting this one ASAP.

How To Get The Timer Extender

The Timer Extender is a special device that becomes available after unlocking the Battle Lab. To unlock the Battle Lab, smack the barking origami dog on Picnic Road, near the exit to Overlook Mountain. That’ll knock the Battle Lab Toad back to his senses and unlock the area.

Go to the Battle Lab and get acquainted in Toad Town — after some time passes, you’ll get a message that the Battle Lab Toad has a surprise for you. This may only occur after you’ve cut the red streamer, or after defeating one of the bosses in the Boss VR Simulator.

Whenever the message appears, return to the Battle Lab to collect the Timer Extender — this device is accessed from the [Setting] tab. Here you can turn the Timer Extender On / Off, or set a Coin Limit. The Timer Extender works by automatically spending coins to give you more time. Instead of manually putting in coins with [+], the Timer Extender will input the coins for you. Set a limit you’re comfortable with, and you’ll always have a few more seconds on the clock.

Personally, I turn the Timer Extender off and stick with the Time Plus accessory. But, if you’re low on health and need to survive the next fight, the Timer Extender is very handy.